Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Aware by BuildingLink and Carson Living integrate Smart Sensor Platform

The integration allows Carson Living customers to view smart sensor data and receive sensor alerts from the Aware Smart Sensor platform

Aware by BuildingLink, a leading provider of cloud-based sensor solutions for smart buildings announce an integration with Carson 24/7 remote doorman service and, the one app resident experience for unstaffed and partially staffed multi-family properties.

The integration provides the ability for Carson customers to manage Aware by BuildingLink smart sensor data such as leak detection, mechanical systems monitoring, door ajar, and occupancy monitoring from within the Carson application environment. Sensors can be managed, monitored, and configured by property managers and received within Carson. Additionally, alerts can be configured by property managers to be sent to the recipient of their choice.

Read the entire press release here

Monday, March 23, 2020

Tracking Extreme Social Distancing with Aware Sensors

Looks like Wednesday at the gym never arrived!

Last week’s Fitness Center usage completely flatlined by Tuesday afternoon, and was non-existent by Wednesday -- looks like the world (or at least BuildingLink residents) are complying with the recommendations to be socially distant, and are shutting down their gyms.

See below two graphs of aggregated data across 30 Fitness Center buildings with  “Aware” sensors. You'll notice in the last green bar on the Total Hours of Usage graph, and in the Usage by Day of Week Word Cloud graph (There is NO Wednesday!)

Want to learn more about our sensors and unlock hidden data in your building? Contact us at aware@buildinglink.com or visit our site at www.buildinglink.com/aware

Monday, February 24, 2020

What’s New for your Lobby and Mailroom Displays? Plenty!

Complete redo of our digital signage module features:
  • contemporary designs,
  • engaging content widgets
  • an easy drag-and-drop interface.
For the many buildings using BuildingLink’s public display function, whether for mailroom package notifications, amenity space reservations, event calendars and dashboards, or other digital signage purposes, we are happy to inform you that BuildingLink has now put a new “face” on your property’s displays.

Our new Public Display interface is being released in stages over the next weeks, and it features easily customizable contemporary designs you can stylize to your liking, and the ability to add sleek backgrounds, layers, and dynamic content.  New content widgets including photo albums, transit info, event and calendar elements, can be displayed with relevant special effects. And the simple drag-and drop interface means you can create or experiment with different looks for your "brand" effortlessly.

Whether you want public displays that have attention-grabbing "pop", or that exude a more subtle elegance, is your decision. We are simply excited to give you better, easier tools with which to actualize that choice, in keeping with the personality you wish for your building.

You can see more examples of what can easily be created with the new Public Display interface below:

Ready to revamp your displays? Contact support@buildinglink.com for more information!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Emergencies can't wait until you get to your desk, now you don't have to either!

We are excited to announce that our powerful "Emergency Broacast" function has now been added to the latest version of GEO, our mobile app for managers.

When an emergency happens in your building, minutes can make a world of difference. What people do or don't do when they don't know what is happening can put lives and property at risk. Having your enhanced GEO app on your phone in your pocket wherever you go means you are always only a minute away from providing the effective leadership your residents and staff need in an emergency.

To contact all of your residents during an emergency, whether by voice or text, simply tap the emergency broadcast icon on your GEO app (see below), record your message, and send! It's really that simple!

Step #1
Click the Emergency Broadcast icon after opening your GEO app

Step 2:
After clicking the Emergency Broadcast icon, you will be brought to the screen below to complete the broadcast form.

a. Choose whether you'd like to generate a voice and/or SMS message

b. The generated voice message (if selected) will appear here. Check for errors.

c. Name your broadcast accordingly so you can easily reference it later if need be

d. Choose which residents to include in the broadcast

e. Choose the phone number you'd like displayed as the sender

f. click 'Next'

Step 3:
Review and click send!

Call us now at (212) 501-7117, or email us at support@buildinglink.com for more information on our Emergency Broadcast feature.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Aware LoRa Hub Spans an Impressive 28 Floors!

On March 27th, after the install of our in-wall humidity leak detection solution – consisting of (4) sensors deployed between the 30th and 34th floors, and a LoRa hub – our customer, and the Resident Manager of the building, reported that he'd temporarily uninstalled the hub. Despite this, we were still receiving data from 2 of the 4 deployed sensors. 

This wasn't much of a surprise to us, as we equip our hub with GSM technology as a fallback mechanism when a customer's WiFi is down, or unreachable. So when he plugged the hub in on the 2nd floor, it switched to GSM mode, and continued to collect and send data.

One of the sensors it was picking up data from was located in his office, with the hub. The other sensor our LoRa hub was detecting was a whopping 28 floors away, on the 30th floor! We do not expect communication between anything more than 3-6 floors away, so to learn that our sensor was capable of transmitting over such a range was an amazing discovery! 

We still do not plan on building our solutions around these findings and will continue to deploy hubs based on our 3-6 floors per gateway estimation, considering every building varies, but this was good to learn!

See below for the relative humidity data for the 2nd floor sensor in his office, and the 30th floor sensor in the wall.

This technology is available, is reasonably priced, and works! If you'd like to learn more, please visit the Aware Leak Detection (LD) section of our website www.buildinglink.com/Aware, or contact BuildingLink's Aware division at Aware@buildinglink.com