Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Forward Focus: Re-engineering for the next 20 years

 The “What” and “Why” behind the changes you’ve started seeing.

For the past nine months, we’ve been hard at work – making the good even better! The BuildingLink architecture we launched 20 years ago has withstood well the test of time – as evidenced by our amazing 5,700-building customer base. But, we felt it was time to revisit and re-engineer what we had built, to make it even better. So, what does that mean for you? Well, we started with these FOUR core modules - Maintenance & Repairs, Amenity Reservations, Unit Overview, and Announcements - and have nearly completed rearchitecting their entire back-end and front-end with these goals in mind:

  • Creating a modern, eye-pleasing design.
  • Enhancing your navigation experience by switching to a new single-page application (SPA) approach using Vue.js (instead of server-based page rendering) with better drill-downs, pop-ups, and mouse-overs.
  • Implementing a super-secure back-end data layer built on API calls (technology that protects, limits, and speeds up access to your data).
  • Modularizing the code functionality to make it more predictable, reusable, and expandable by our developer team.
  • Preparing our site to support the latest and greatest in scalable, resilient technology - the stuff developers are excited to work with!
  • Moving to an entirely new and more "muscular" data center with better and faster servers and lots more internet connections. (Just completed this one last week!!)

We hope you like what you have been seeing – we designed the changes with LOTS of user feedback. Yes, there have been some hiccups, as can be expected when launching a whole new architecture. But, we are working speedily to swat whatever “bugs” we find or you tell us about - and we’ve already implemented more than 30 awesome suggestions from you (thank you!).

Rest assured that we take every bit of feedback to heart. ALL calls and emails to our support team are considered, but since we try to tackle the most important things first, the best way to influence the changes you would like to see is to please share with us your feedback!

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