Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Digital Dialer brings “Click to call” convenience to your busy managers, front-desk, and office staff

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(One click on your screen beats 10 key-presses on your phone!)

We are pleased to release our new "Digital Dialer" software, bringing “click to call” convenience to your front-desk or office staff and busy managers, for a small annual fee.

With our new Digital Dialer, clicking on any resident phone number within BuildingLink will instantaneously set up two calls - the first to your phone (whether at a front desk or office, or even to your cellphone!), and the second to your resident's phone. Now, you and your staff can skip the job of trying to memorize and manually dial 10-digit phone numbers, and instead just click, and pick up the ringing phone! (The one annual fee covers use of the software with all of your building's phone lines, and even staff cellphones.)

Subscribe to the new Digital Dialer by sending an email to, and bring the convenience of "one click" dialing to your property's staff and managers today!

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