Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Forward Focus: Re-engineering for the next 20 years

 The “What” and “Why” behind the changes you’ve started seeing.

For the past nine months, we’ve been hard at work – making the good even better! The BuildingLink architecture we launched 20 years ago has withstood well the test of time – as evidenced by our amazing 5,700-building customer base. But, we felt it was time to revisit and re-engineer what we had built, to make it even better. So, what does that mean for you? Well, we started with these FOUR core modules - Maintenance & Repairs, Amenity Reservations, Unit Overview, and Announcements - and have nearly completed rearchitecting their entire back-end and front-end with these goals in mind:

  • Creating a modern, eye-pleasing design.
  • Enhancing your navigation experience by switching to a new single-page application (SPA) approach using Vue.js (instead of server-based page rendering) with better drill-downs, pop-ups, and mouse-overs.
  • Implementing a super-secure back-end data layer built on API calls (technology that protects, limits, and speeds up access to your data).
  • Modularizing the code functionality to make it more predictable, reusable, and expandable by our developer team.
  • Preparing our site to support the latest and greatest in scalable, resilient technology - the stuff developers are excited to work with!
  • Moving to an entirely new and more "muscular" data center with better and faster servers and lots more internet connections. (Just completed this one last week!!)

We hope you like what you have been seeing – we designed the changes with LOTS of user feedback. Yes, there have been some hiccups, as can be expected when launching a whole new architecture. But, we are working speedily to swat whatever “bugs” we find or you tell us about - and we’ve already implemented more than 30 awesome suggestions from you (thank you!).

Rest assured that we take every bit of feedback to heart. ALL calls and emails to our support team are considered, but since we try to tackle the most important things first, the best way to influence the changes you would like to see is to please share with us your feedback!

Digital Dialer brings “Click to call” convenience to your busy managers, front-desk, and office staff

 Sign up for our new cloud-based "Digital Dialer"

(One click on your screen beats 10 key-presses on your phone!)

We are pleased to release our new "Digital Dialer" software, bringing “click to call” convenience to your front-desk or office staff and busy managers, for a small annual fee.

With our new Digital Dialer, clicking on any resident phone number within BuildingLink will instantaneously set up two calls - the first to your phone (whether at a front desk or office, or even to your cellphone!), and the second to your resident's phone. Now, you and your staff can skip the job of trying to memorize and manually dial 10-digit phone numbers, and instead just click, and pick up the ringing phone! (The one annual fee covers use of the software with all of your building's phone lines, and even staff cellphones.)

Subscribe to the new Digital Dialer by sending an email to, and bring the convenience of "one click" dialing to your property's staff and managers today!

New Survey Module - Most popular uses (over the last 6 months)

Want to know how your fellow property managers are using the new multi-question survey tool?

Our recently released "Multi-question" Survey Module enables our properties to gather much more information from their residents than ever before - and it has been taken up with enthusiasm! Examples? One property has deployed a 
50-question operations-satisfaction survey, and another has created a 34-question amenity-use and preferences survey! (The average survey consists of only 4 questions, so don't be intimidated.)

To help get your creative juices flowing, we have compiled a list of the most frequently surveyed topics by our clients over the last 6 months, since its introduction:

  • Giving feedback when planning board/shareholder meetings 
  • Polling residents on Amenities satisfaction and asks
  • Notifying and requesting acknowledgement of new "house rules"
  • Holiday party planning
  • Voting on major expenditures (i.e. decorating)
  • Leak and noise complaint surveys

...and of course, all sorts of COVID-related topics!

If you’ve come up with a really creative use for Surveys, we’d love to hear!

Friday, January 8, 2021

"Aware" Temperature Sensors Now Available!

Avoid frozen pipe and boiler problems with real-time alerts.

Did you know that our "Aware by BuildingLink" IoT sensors can be deployed not just for your fitness center, or for leak detection, or for parking, but for lows ? Use them to monitor freeze-prone pipes on outer walls, boiler room or steam pipe areas that tend to to malfunction, or even just common “rooms” that don’t quite stay at “room” temperature.

Get real-time and trending data that helps you learn more about how your property performs - and set up email and SMS alerts for any out-of-range values, so you can take action even before resident complaints start coming in.

You can be up and running in less than a week, whether you need just one or two sensors…or 100! Contact us today at to learn more about our temperature sensors, or any of our other innovative sensor solutions!

New Module: Inspections and Checklists

Now you can set it, and never forget it!

We can’t think of a better time than the current environment to be introducing to you our newly released Inspections and Checklists Module! Whether you want to document all of the new practices in place because of COVID-19, or to lock down your existing routines for property inspections, employee daily task lists, or monthly/yearly PM (preventative maintenance), there is a new way to do it all: 

Make A Checklist Out Of It!

The new Inspections and Checklists Module will help bring consistency and excellence to your daily routines. Your property managers can build checklists of any kind and length - and your staff can document existing conditions or completed tasks conveniently in the field, using the same BuildingLink GEO mobile app they already know and use every day!

This is a very feature-rich module! Be sure to read the below 'Q & A' to learn more about automated inspections via the built-in scheduler, or easily creating work orders during an inspection - and lots of other useful shortcuts and features!

We’ve released the initial version of our Inspections and Checklists module to most of our buildings, and are eager to hear your feedback! Managers can access the module under the “Maintenance” section of the left-hand navigation in BuildingLink. If you’re not seeing it, and want it released for your building, email us at, or call 212-501-7117.

You've got questions? We've got answers!

Q: What types of checklists have buildings been creating so far?

A: We are seeing lots of diversity here! For example:

  • Daily/weekly/monthly task lists
  • Lobby, common areas, and grounds walk-throughs
  • Move-in/move-out, in-unit inspections
  • Mechanical room and rooftop inspections and PM
  • Start-of-shift checklists
  • Amenities opening checklists (i.e. fitness center, pool)

Q: Is there a limit to the number of checklists, or number of items on a checklist, that can be created?

A: No, there is no limit! In addition, if you want to make multiple versions of a checklist with small changes (to reflect different apartment layouts or daily/monthly/yearly routines), there is a convenient “Clone a Checklist” function that you can use and modify, to save you time!

Q: What types of inputs are possible for each checklist item?

A: Obviously, a checkbox is added for you, and a textbox for comments from the person conducting the inspection. Finally - and most importantly - the ability to upload one or more photos that document the condition or space being checked.

Q: Is there a library of pre-built checklists that BuildingLink is making available?

A: There are currently three pre-built inspections checklists that a building can use or modify. More will be added in the coming weeks! Topics of pre-built checklists: Facility Exterior, Fire Prevention Checklist, Inspection Plan.

Q: Is there a “Scheduler” or “Assigner” function for inspection checklists that need to be performed on fixed intervals?

A: Yes! The module allows for the scheduling of checklists recurring at fixed intervals, or by specific employees. Any scheduled checklists not assigned to a specific employee, can be completed by any staff member.

Q: Can staff complete checklists "on the fly", that have not been scheduled?

A: Sure! Any existing checklist can be selected and completed by your staff at any time - even if unscheduled.

Q: What if staff discovers items needing work or repair while completing an inspection? How can they flag it for further attention?

A: Glad you asked! From the in-progress checklist page, your staff can effortlessly generate a maintenance request for any checklist item - which flows directly into BuildingLink’s Maintenance Request Module! It is a one-step integration that allows staff to fluidly complete their assigned inspections and checklists, while still queuing up additional work to be done.

Q: How does management know when a checklist is completed (or not completed)?

A: Managers are notified by email once a checklist is completed and, from their Inspections Dashboard within BuildingLink, they can review the results, export to PDF, or print! On the inspections dashboard, managers can also see scheduled inspections that are overdue.

Q: I have more questions about this module. How can I learn more about it?

A: Visit our help section for more information about the Inspections and Checklists Module!