Monday, February 24, 2020

What’s New for your Lobby and Mailroom Displays? Plenty!

Complete redo of our digital signage module features:
  • contemporary designs,
  • engaging content widgets
  • an easy drag-and-drop interface.
For the many buildings using BuildingLink’s public display function, whether for mailroom package notifications, amenity space reservations, event calendars and dashboards, or other digital signage purposes, we are happy to inform you that BuildingLink has now put a new “face” on your property’s displays.

Our new Public Display interface is being released in stages over the next weeks, and it features easily customizable contemporary designs you can stylize to your liking, and the ability to add sleek backgrounds, layers, and dynamic content.  New content widgets including photo albums, transit info, event and calendar elements, can be displayed with relevant special effects. And the simple drag-and drop interface means you can create or experiment with different looks for your "brand" effortlessly.

Whether you want public displays that have attention-grabbing "pop", or that exude a more subtle elegance, is your decision. We are simply excited to give you better, easier tools with which to actualize that choice, in keeping with the personality you wish for your building.

You can see more examples of what can easily be created with the new Public Display interface below:

Ready to revamp your displays? Contact for more information!

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