Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Emergencies can't wait until you get to your desk, now you don't have to either!

We are excited to announce that our powerful "Emergency Broacast" function has now been added to the latest version of GEO, our mobile app for managers.

When an emergency happens in your building, minutes can make a world of difference. What people do or don't do when they don't know what is happening can put lives and property at risk. Having your enhanced GEO app on your phone in your pocket wherever you go means you are always only a minute away from providing the effective leadership your residents and staff need in an emergency.

To contact all of your residents during an emergency, whether by voice or text, simply tap the emergency broadcast icon on your GEO app (see below), record your message, and send! It's really that simple!

Step #1
Click the Emergency Broadcast icon after opening your GEO app

Step 2:
After clicking the Emergency Broadcast icon, you will be brought to the screen below to complete the broadcast form.

a. Choose whether you'd like to generate a voice and/or SMS message

b. The generated voice message (if selected) will appear here. Check for errors.

c. Name your broadcast accordingly so you can easily reference it later if need be

d. Choose which residents to include in the broadcast

e. Choose the phone number you'd like displayed as the sender

f. click 'Next'

Step 3:
Review and click send!

Call us now at (212) 501-7117, or email us at for more information on our Emergency Broadcast feature.