Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Holidays are coming... ImageR to the rescue!

The holiday package invasion is here! With ImageR, our revolutionary, smartphone-based, AI-powered package scanning function, you'll speed through delivery processing.

ImageR reduces the average time to enter packages from 54 seconds to less than 8 seconds! And with over 1.5 million packages logged by ImageR and over 800 buildings currently relying on it (see below graphs) the value of implementing ImageR is clear.

# of Packages Recorded with ImageR per Month

# of Buildings using ImageR has more than doubled over the span 
of 6 months from 349 to 780!

ImageR is already a part of the latest version of our GEO app (our iOS and Android app for management). Save your staff time and back strain by bring ImageR to your packages instead of schlepping them to your front desk work station!

See the screenshots below on where to find ImageR:

Or, watch our ImageR "How To" Video:

For more information, visit www.buildinglink.com or contact our support team at 1-877-501-7117

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