Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Choose Smartly when choosing a "smart lighting" solution

Are you envisioning a smart home environment for your new residential construction project or for your upgrade of existing apartments? Smart Home “starter” elements typically  include smart-enhanced HVAC, lights, shades and locks. Before you settle on a “smart lighting” approach, watch BuildingLink CEO Jerry Kestenbaum as he demonstrates, with the assistance of Alexa, the three different methods to achieve smart lighting:

   1. Smart Bulbs
   2. Smart Switches
   3. Smart Plugs

Each of these methods has its plusses and minuses, so watch the video, mail us at support@buildinglink.com if you have any questions, and then choose smartly!

(You may have noticed, that “Smart Wall-Installed Outlets,” by Leviton or Lutron, did not make it to this recommended list, because they typically add nothing to what a Smart Plug  can  do, are less flexible, and typically have not kept up with the latest advances in  “mesh” technology.)