Monday, March 5, 2018

Organize Your Library Documents by Location

Your building’s Library is your go-to spot within BuildingLink for storing the most important documents that your residents need. What do you do when you have multiple buildings with residents who need access to different documents and you want to restrict access to only residents of those specific locations?

Well, if your building has multiple locations set up, then you’re ready to customize your library permissions accordingly! Let’s dive in and see how.

Adding a New Document

Under the Communicate tab, click Library and open the active documents screen:

Clicking "Add New Document" will open this menu:

Here you can choose which building or buildings have access to your new document. This is a game-changer for buildings with multiple physical locations who want to limit the viewing audience on a per-document basis. Additionally, if a single building has units of different kinds (rent stabilized vs. market rate, garden apartments vs. townhomes, etc.), document access can also be restricted along those lines.

Wrapping Up

Controlling document access by building is another way that BuildingLink lets you run your building your way.

Need more help setting up this feature? Our Support Team is standing by.

Don’t have BuildingLink? Set up a demo and see how we could help your building run smarter!

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