Thursday, March 29, 2018

March New Feature Releases

Stay up-to-date on all things BuildingLink! Check out the new-and-improved releases that happened in the last month!

  • New Amenity “by Location” Setting: Managers can now restrict amenity reservation permissions only to residents of particular physical unit locations. (i.e. restricting “Tower 1 Service Elevator” only to residents in Tower 1, etc.) Staff will still be able to place reservations for any resident as they see fit.
  • Add Liability Waivers to Amenities: Managers can now add Liability Waiver text to amenities and require residents to agree to the waiver prior to submitting a reservation. This is similar to existing waiver functionality in the Maintenance Module.
  • Enhanced Resident ID Card Printing: Card printing functionality now includes the ability to select existing card definitions/card types within the “Other” menu, under “ID Cards and Labels.”
  • Maintenance Functionality Time Spent Modification: When adding “Time Spent” to a Maintenance Request, users can choose to have the total time automatically calculated based on specific Start and End times instead of manually inputting the total # of minutes.

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