Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Streamline Front Desk Operations with Special Permissions

Keeping resident data current is vital to keeping your building running smoothly. However, only Managers have the access and authority edit resident contacts inside BuildingLink, which can make maintaining this data time-consuming and inconvenient.

But no longer! Now you can choose to provide some or all non-management staff members the ability to edit resident contact info, add and edit residents, and even do full move-in/move-outs! This helps free up managers’ time, empowers front desk workers, and makes life simpler and better for residents by allowing the staff members they see most often to assist with keeping their information up to date.

We’ll tell you all about it. First, a little history.

How It Was

There are four access levels within BuildingLink: Security Officer, Manager, Maintenance, and Front Desk, each with its own permissions. Read all about the different access levels here. Front Desk level users lacked the ability to edit resident contact info. When residents had a phone number change, added someone new to their residence, or moved in or out, the Front Desk Staff could only take down this information and pass it on to Managers, who then went into BuildingLink to make the changes. 

You can see how this was suboptimal for residents and building teams alike!

How It Is Now

The new Special Permissions function allows you to adjust the abilities of staff members and enhance (or take away) permissions for our existing default authority levels! Now you can choose which Front Desk staff members can alter which elements of resident contact info, with the following options:
  • Can edit contact info only (phone & email)
  • Can edit all occupant data
  • Can edit, add, or deactivate occupants
  • Can add, edit, or deactivate unit profiles & occupants

You can also apply these settings globally to all Front Desk staff or choose specific team members and control their access as you wish!

Ready for the walkthrough? Let’s go!

Where to Find Special Permissions

From your BuildingLink Dashboard, find the Settings tab on the left side of the screen. Click it and you’ll see a wide array of options in the main panel. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you’ll see Special Permissions:

The setting we’re concerned with is under the Privacy header and is labeled “Allow Staff to update resident info.”

Click the blue box with the plus sign in it and the menu will expand:

As you can see, you have the option to choose individual staff members to give new permissions to or a whole user type to apply these changes to globally. You give the access you want to the employee or employee types you want to!

Wrapping Up

BuildingLink is all about empowering users to run their buildings their way. This new Special Permission feature streamlines building operations by allowing staff members to perform the actions they need to—without giving them too much access or too little.

If you want more help setting up Special Permissions, our Support Team is standing by to serve you. 

Not a BuildingLink customer? Set up a demo and see how Special Permissions and our whole host of other amazing features can make your building smarter and your residents’ lives better.

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