Monday, December 4, 2017

December 2017 Feature Releases

We're always working on new innovations to make life better for our customers. Here's a rundown of the latest feature updates that we've released!
  • New automation tool: ImageR computer-vision package check-in solution (more below)
  • New module: Resident Insurance Tracking (more below)
  • Resident Portal: Navigation improved (more below)
  • Amenity Reservations: New features added (more below)
    • Document/form attachments 
    • Concurrent reservations
  • GEO app: New design for iOS version now available
  • Maintenance photos entered by staff: Options added to show to residents (more below) 
  • Event Log: An “Internal Only” module has been added, for logging events that are not made visible to residents.
  • Recurring Maintenance requests: Added “6 weeks” as a recurrence option.
  • Pet Registry: Added option to export and/or print.
  • Autodialer: Resident phone numbers are optionally hidden on dialing screens; staff whose privacy settings do not allow them to see this info can still use the autodialer to contact these residents.
More details:
ImageR Package-Logging Module: Arriving just in time for the holidays, ImageR is an AI-powered, one-step, package-scanning solution. You can now enter packages in one simple step, using your Android device. All you need to do is download the GEO by BuildingLink app from the Google Play store (or update it to the current version, 2.0.0, if you’ve already been using it). ImageR is already included. Tap the ImageR icon, and start scanning! ImageR cuts package-logging time from 52 seconds to 8! Check out this video to see how fast and easy it is!

Resident Insurance Tracking: Managers can now record details of resident insurance certificates, upload PDFs of the actual policies, and allow residents to update their own information. Module also provides a range of automated email options for promoting compliance, tracking expired policies, and getting residents to submit renewal information.

Improved Resident Portal navigation: Features include new “Resident Services” section on the left-hand menu for all unit-related needs. More intuitive “My Profile” in the upper right-hand corner now replaces “Edit Profile” tab.

Amenity Reservations 
Attached Documents: Managers can attach amenity-specific documents or forms that are relevant to or required from residents. Residents wanting to place a reservation can then read whatever information is provided (rules, schedules, pricing options, etc.) or can be required to download, complete, sign, or submit forms (liability waivers, etc.).

- New Concurrent Amenities Reservations: Via our “concurrent limit” rule, in situations where your building has multiple identical instances available of an amenity (i.e. six guest parking spaces, two party rooms, etc.), you can now set a “maximum concurrent” rule, and define only one amenity, instead of defining multiple individual amenities.

Maintenance photos entered by staff: New functionality includes the option to share images and make them visible to residents. A default value for staff maintenance photos can be set to “share” or “do not share” with residents, and can be overridden on a per-photo basis.

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