Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Announcing ImageR: Your One-Step Package Solution

Fifteen years ago, BuildingLink revolutionized how buildings log and track packages, adding a powerful delivery solution to our robust suite of property-management services. Today, we’ve done it again by asking one simple question:

What if the package check-in process were one step? Who would do it any other way?

No one, that’s who! With BuildingLink’s ImageR™, your lightning-fast one-step package solution is here! You’ll never need to do it the old way again.

We named our invention ImageR because it uses Image Recognition, artificial intelligence, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to make the check-in process effortless.

How effortless? Just take out your Android device (with the GEO® by BuildingLink app on it), tap the ImageR icon, and point the camera at the shipping label. When you hear the distinctive two-tone beep, that means you’ve logged the package successfully. Then, press “Save.” That’s it!

ImageR works like magic. It takes a multi-step process and reduces it to just one—snapping an image of the label. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s fun! Every time that app beeps, you and your staff will smile, knowing that you’re saving a ton of time. Let BuildingLink’s AI- and OCR-powered solution crush your tedious package-tracking workload.

What is ImageR?

ImageR is a new AI-powered feature within the GEO app that’ll save your building’s team tons of time by turning your Android device into a label reader, barcode scanner, data parser, and resident name matcher, all in one.

Is the package log-in process with ImageR really just one step?

Yes! Don’t take our word for it, check out this quick video and see for yourself. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

See? It’s so simple! Anytime you need to log in a package, click on the blue ImageR eye icon inside GEO and point your device’s camera at the package label. A distinctive pair of beeps tells you it’s successfully captured the information. You’ll be able to confirm that the correct resident and package info has populated into the various fields, and have the option to add a description. Hit “save”, and you’re done! The notification automatically goes to the resident and you move on to the next package, or the next task. ImageR works on dry-cleaning, florist, and pharmacy labels too!

How fast is it?

ImageR cuts your average package-handling and -entry time from 52 seconds down to about 8 seconds. Think of the hundreds of packages that your building staff checks in each week. Now think of all the time and mistakes that ImageR will save them. It brings you speed, accuracy, and friendly beeps in one package.

What data does ImageR actually capture?

ImageR uses powerful AI and OCR systems to pull in the writing on the address label, figure out who the right recipient is, find them in your building database, confirm the unit number, and create the notification that a package has arrived for them. Multiple barcodes on a label? No problem—ImageR figures out which one is the tracking number, who the carrier is, and selects the correct event type (i.e. FedEx, Amazon, etc.).

Does ImageR also speed up the step of closing out package deliveries? 

Yup. Just open up ImageR and scan the label of the package to be handed out to any resident. ImageR’s AI system automatically pulls up the right record, then the resident can enter their signature (right on the device), you click “close,” and it’s done!

Isn't this what a regular barcode scanner does?

Nope. It's much more! A barcode scanner just captures the barcode; ImageR  pulls in all the information on the label (name, unit, barcode, shipper) and matches it to your resident database and event type list at the same time.

Can I still use the full version of the site while using ImageR?

Of course! ImageR can be used in conjunction with the site or on its own.

Can I use ImageR for other purposes, like scanning visitor IDs?

Great question! Not yet. But we’re working on it!

How do I get ImageR?

If you’ve got an Android device, you’re just a click or two away from having ImageR. Download the latest GEO by BuildingLink app from the Google Play store, or update your existing GEO app to the current version (V2.0.0), then look for the ImageR icon when you open up the app.

Don't have an Android device and wondering which one you should pick up for best results with ImageR? 

We're recommending the Motorola G+, 5th Edition. Still have questions about devices? Email support@buildinglink.com and we'll be happy to help.

Can I get ImageR on my iOS device?

Unfortunately, not at this time. The unique computer vision technology powering ImageR is currently available only for Android. We’re busily seeking out a toolkit for iOS, and as soon as we have an iOS version of ImageR, we will let you know!

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