Wednesday, September 27, 2017

BuildingLink Announces 4,000th Building Milestone

BuildingLink, a pioneer in technology solutions for residential property management, is pleased to announce that 4,000 buildings – and counting – have subscribed to its platform. In 2017, the company added more than 700 buildings, including its 1,644th building in New York City, and its 1st building in Dubai. BuildingLink's ongoing commercial success solidifies the company's position as a driving force in the industry. The broad acceptance of the platform provides the company with a diverse pool of customer feedback to transform into advanced innovations.

"Reaching our 4,000th subscribing building is an exciting milestone for us, as a company!" says Jerry Kestenbaum, CEO. "We're grateful for the valuable feedback we receive from our knowledgeable – and growing – customer base. Their insights are paramount in guiding us to deliver the best possible products and solutions."

From the beginning, BuildingLink established a reputation for delivering a personalized experience across various customer interactions, from implementations and trainings to ongoing customer support. In 2017, the company increased its Support team to ensure that this standard of excellence in customer service is preserved for its customers. "Our invaluable Support team is responsible for the strong relationships we've built with our customers, which have been a major contribution to our success," says Sr. Vice President, Fran Besdin.

To maintain its commitment to innovation, the company also grew its Development team to 55 technologists and launched its newest initiative, BuildingLink Labs. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies, BuildingLink Labs is further developing a package management OCR solution (ImageR™), advanced sensor-solutions (Aware by BuildingLink™), and voice interfaces for building activities (BuildingLink Alexa Voice Skill). "We're a future-driven company, focused on solving the challenges of today, and proactively tackling the challenges of tomorrow," says Kestenbaum. "We're also investing in key partnerships with innovative companies across a number of high-value initiatives, including: energy management, renter's and homeowner's insurance, elevator sensing and operations, and artificial intelligence (AI)."
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