Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pet Registry! Your Building’s Official Pet Directory

We’re pleased to announce the release of our new Pet Registry module for staff and managers. The Pet Registry module allows building staff to maintain a comprehensive, easy-to-search database of all pets in the building. You can keep track of all your property’s pets by name, owner, photo, type of animal, breed, physical description, or vaccination status, and decide on whatever additional information to collect. And to save time, you can even ask your residents to do the work of submitting their pets’ information for you, for review and approval.

Think of Pet Registry as the manager’s and staff’s official directory of all the pets authorized to be on the property. See an unknown pitbull named “Rocky” hanging out in front of the building? Look it up and call the authorities to report a stray. What if you discover a resident’s pet lost in the parking garage? With Pet Registry, you can arrange a happy reunion in no time. With Pet Registry, you don’t need to wonder; now you can know!

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