Wednesday, May 25, 2016

BuildingLink Labs: Meet Our Lab Partners!

We’re teaming up with a bevy of like-minded companies as part of our BuildingLink Labs initiative. Why? To make BuildingLink’s residential property management solutions more comprehensive and ingenious than ever before! The following is a sampling of technologies we’re taking on board:
  • Covertix’s file encryption technology — ensuring the security of personal data.
  • Real time energy dashboards from Enertiv — providing multi-family properties and residents with actionable feedback to help them go green.
  • Lemonade’s novel peer-to-peer insurance policy — giving residents in our buildings fairer, hassle-free renter’s insurance.
  • A home video intercom system from Nucleus — allowing residents to communicate room-to-room with family members or the front desk concierge.
  • Ontodia’s treasure trove of civic data — helping us compile meaningful community and compliance information for residents and managers.
  • Operational analytics from Panorama — lending a hand to managers looking for in-depth analysis of their building's data.
Our diverse group of partners plays a special role in the technological advances happening here at BuildingLink. Take a look at our BuildingLink Labs page for even more information on our “Lab Partners” and other new developments.

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