Monday, March 21, 2016

Simplify Cross-building Amenity Sharing!

Do residents of two or more buildings in your portfolio share an amenity, like a pool or basketball court? Do you find it time consuming to manually maintain a reservations calendar for every resident in these buildings? If both buildings use BuildingLink, you’re in luck! You can now link an amenity to multiple properties, and residents and staff of these properties will be able to access it via their respective BuildingLink websites!
You have complete control over amenity sharing rules. For example, you can allow residents of the “shared with” building to place their own reservations directly or restrict the ability to make reservations to staff members only. You can even designate one building as the “master” property that controls all reservations.
Our new functionality also allows amenity sharing between buildings in the same city, or in different cities, enhancing the value of being a resident in one of your company’s properties. For example, you can allow residents from one of your buildings to book a squash court in another building across town, or reserve a guest suite in a building in a different city — all from their BuildingLink login and site. 

Make amenity sharing between your buildings seamless. Contact us at if you’d like us to create sharing links for you.

GEO Android App: 100% Native and Stronger Than Ever!

We’ve just released version 1.1.13 of our popular Android GEO app for managers and staff! The app is now built with 100% native code, making it much faster and more responsive than ever before. In addition to the existing Unit Lookup and Maintenance Request modules, the new version also includes full access to Front Desk Instructions, the Guest List functionality, and the Shift Log notepad.

For the next Android Geo release, we’ll be adding the Event Log and Package Tracking features, bringing Android GEO up to par with our extremely popular iOS version of GEO.

You can install our fully native Android GEO app (V1.1.13) from the Google Play store. We’re retiring the old “half-native” app version soon, so download the new version ASAP!

Communicate in Style with Email Design Templates

Managers and staff, now you can make resident emails look fun, festive, or anything in between. Our newly released “Email Design Templates” functionality allows you to choose from 12 pre-made design templates or create your own with dozens of styles, colors, and fonts.

Choose a default stationery template that elegantly displays your building’s address and photo in the header of each message. Or celebrate birthdays and parties with a special event template. You can even welcome winter, spring, summer, and autumn with one of our “seasons of the year” templates. This is your chance to get creative!

You’ll find a useful set of features in this release and can expect us to add more over the coming weeks and months.

Currently, you can:

  • Choose from an assortment of template layouts and styles.
  • Upload your building’s photo, logo, or a banner image of your choice.
  • Customize title texts, fonts, colors, and banners.
  • Add your property’s social media accounts.
  • Design multiple templates for various purposes and occasions.
  • Activate, deactivate, and tweak your templates.
  • Set default templates.

In the future, we’ll be adding the ability to “clone” templates, design personal signatures, pull in “memorized content,” add automated recipient variables (e.g. “Dear John”), set future-scheduled or event-driven emails to residents, and implement “drip” email campaigns.

You can learn more about Email Design Templates on our Help page. If you have any suggestions, please email us at