Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Benchmarking with Our New Management Company Portal

Wow! What took us so long (we're not sure)? We have just released our new Management Company Portal which offers management company executives a unique way to view and benchmark their BuildingLink performance data for their entire portfolio. In your MgmtCo Portal, click on the "Analytics" tab to see how each of your properties compares in terms of resident communication and engagement, resident data completeness, staff work activities, patterns of login, or most frequently occurring categories of incident reports, key removals, repair requests, or resident postings. And this is just the beginning.

We are very excited about all of the new insights and benchmarking data we will be adding in the coming 1-3 months. These include the ability to benchmark your portfolio, or a single building, against other buildings in your self-defined benchmark cohort. Want to compare your operations only to your other condominium properties in NYC with 50-100 units, or to your rental properties of 200-300 units in all of the Southeast? Want to compare your properties to anonymized averages for similar properties across the U.S., or even across the world? This will be coming your way by year end, and so will a great set of graphs and visualizations.  

And early in 2017, we will be introducing the beginnings of artificial intelligence in the form of “text sentiment analysis” – this means you’ll be able to see, for example, for each of your properties, a resident happiness measure (calculated as the ratio of happy/unhappy “messages to managers” sent) for each property.

In the upcoming months, we will also be adding employee-specific metrics, again, across your entire portfolio. Want to discover who on your staff communicates best with residents? Or who is doing an awesome job of scheduling resident activities in the building and posting them on their buildings’ calendars? Discover who your “silent heroes” are - those staff members who you want to celebrate and hold up as examples – the MgmtCo Portal will point you to them.

These are just a few of the actionable benchmarking tools that are coming to the MgmtCo Portal - and of course, we will be looking for benchmarking suggestions from you as we build it out.

In addition to the benchmarking function on the MgmtCo Portal, we are releasing a lot of other cross-portfolio functionality, like an integrated move-in/move-out calendar, a view of staff birthdays, and board contact info. We’ll be telling you more about these functions in the coming months.

How do you get started? If you are a Management Company executive who works with all the properties in your portfolio, email us at today, and ask to have your current login upgraded to a Management Company user – and start benchmarking today!

Pet Registry! Your Building’s Official Pet Directory

We’re pleased to announce the release of our new Pet Registry module for staff and managers. The Pet Registry module allows building staff to maintain a comprehensive, easy-to-search database of all pets in the building. You can keep track of all your property’s pets by name, owner, photo, type of animal, breed, physical description, or vaccination status, and decide on whatever additional information to collect. And to save time, you can even ask your residents to do the work of submitting their pets’ information for you, for review and approval.

Think of Pet Registry as the manager’s and staff’s official directory of all the pets authorized to be on the property. See an unknown pitbull named “Rocky” hanging out in front of the building? Look it up and call the authorities to report a stray. What if you discover a resident’s pet lost in the parking garage? With Pet Registry, you can arrange a happy reunion in no time. With Pet Registry, you don’t need to wonder; now you can know!

Friday, August 5, 2016

BuildingLink's Aware-FC™ + Amazon Echo = Effortless Fitness Center Updates!

We've integrated the beta version of Aware-FC™ (our sensor solution for residential fitness centers) with Amazon Echo's voice recognition technology. The result is truly seamless! To see more, watch Caitlin's demonstration below.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

BuildingLink Announces Beta Release of Smart Sensor Solution for Residential Fitness Centers

 We've just announced the beta release of Aware-FC, our smart sensor solution for residential fitness centers, and the news is making waves! We've been featured on Yahoo and CNBC, among other sources. Check out our full press release below:
", the leading web-based property operations software for luxury residential buildings, announces the beta release of Aware-FC, its smart-sensor solution for private fitness centers located in residential buildings. Aware-FC is the first offering in the company’s “Aware” line of IoT sensor-related solutions planned for BuildingLink subscribers.
The company is currently testing their “Aware” Fitness Center sensors in The Solaire, a 300-unit luxury apartment building in downtown Manhattan, built and managed by the Albanese Organization, where BuildingLink’s custom-built network of sensors is monitoring the exercise facility’s equipment usage and ambient temperature.
“Our Solaire residents have very active lifestyles, and love being able to check the real-time availability of treadmills, stair masters, and elliptical machines via a convenient dashboard on their home computers or smartphones,” says Michael Gubbins, Senior Vice President of Property Management at the Albanese Organization. “More importantly, BuildingLink’s ‘Aware’ Fitness Center solution provides our management team with their own analytics dashboard in BuildingLink, enabling us to intelligently remove underutilized machines, add others most in-demand by residents, adjust opening and closing times or staff levels, and determine which machines need repairs.”
The Fitness Center solution is the first rollout in BuildingLink’s planned “Aware” line, the goal of which is to provide BuildingLink manager subscribers with actionable data that helps improve their operations. The sensor solutions made available via BuildingLink’s “Aware” line will put sensor-based analytics at their fingertips, helping them to make better operational decisions in the future in areas such as laundry rooms, elevators, and leaks.
“We have a fantastic lineup planned for our future sensor solutions,” says Jerry Kestenbaum, CEO. “We’re focusing on problem areas where actionable information has traditionally been difficult to acquire, such as noise complaint resolutions and elevator usage anomalies. We’re dreaming big for our clients and have many ideas for the future!”
The platform currently powers operations in more than 3,400 luxury residential buildings across 34 states and 14 countries."