Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Our Emergency Broadcast System, Made Even Better!

When sudden emergencies pop up, remember that our efficient Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) is always prepared, ready to spring into action to help you manage critical communications.

Our EBS system stays out of sight when you don’t need it, but it doesn’t stay out of mind — at least not out of the minds of our programmers. They’ve been working hard to make the latest round of enhancements, like the much-requested SMS text message feature, ensuring that our EBS continues to deliver the most when it matters the most.

With our enhanced EBS, you can:
  • Send an SMS text message, pre-recorded voicemail, or both, to increase the power of your broadcast.
  • Save valuable time by re-using a previous broadcast’s contents or recipient list.
  • Set permissions restricting which building staff members can use the EBS and keep your broadcasts secure.
  • Allow residents to replay voice messages so they never miss a word of your important notice.
  • Preview text-to-speech messages before you send them out to control the quality of every broadcast.
  • See the status of your broadcast in real time (for up to 24 hours), so you can keep track of its progress.

The same BuildingLink EBS that helped over 100,000 of our customers weather the effects of Hurricane Sandy is now more powerful and more flexible than ever.

Learn more by going to the Emergency Broadcast topic on our Help Site, or by contacting us at

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Experience BuildingLink . . . In Three New Languages!

Citizens of the world — welcome, bienvenidos, bienvenue, and 欢迎你们! Later this month, your managers, employees, and residents will be able to experience BuildingLink in THREE new languages. We now have Spanish, French, and Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional) in addition to English. Our team of dedicated translators is adding the finishing touches to make sure that BuildingLink is inviting and easy to use — in whichever language you feel most at home.

And even if you speak only English, you can still enjoy our new BuildingLink language selector during your down time — just jump to a new language you’d like to learn! We can’t guarantee, though, that the new BuildingLink vocabulary you’ll learn will be suitable for non-BuildingLink situations. For example, if your Parisian lover tells you, “Je t’aime,” the most suitable response is probably “I love you too,” not “I’ll log in and make a guest suite amenity reservation for two!”

The following additional languages are in progress, for a total of 10:
  • Turkish
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
You may not know that the BuildingLink site consists of over 1,600 different web pages. Making all this accessible in 4 different languages took 3 ½ years of hard work and focus. We’re debating whether to release the remaining 6 languages (90% completed), early or not. Let us know if you would enjoy access to these languages, even if they are not fully polished. You can have fun learning Turkish or German or pointing out all our mistakes!
That’s all the news for now regarding Language updates. Sayonara! Oops, we haven’t started work on Japanese just yet. Em, au revoir!