Friday, August 21, 2015

Drag and Drop Your Way to Learning Residents’ Names

It’s nice when your building staff knows your residents’ names, but doing so isn’t always easy when you have a busy building. Now you can help your staff give residents that “recognized” feeling with our new drag-and-drop “Know Your Residents” game, er, module. It’s a fun, effective way for your staff to improve their recognition of residents’ names and faces.

“Know Your Residents” is easy to play. All your staff has to do is drag and drop each resident’s name or apartment number onto the correct photo and watch the points add up.

And, unlike most games, everyone wins. Your staff has fun competing for high scores, and your residents feel important every time they’re greeted by name. Plus, everyone will feel safer when your staff learns exactly who’s who in your building — and who doesn’t belong there.

You or your staff can upload resident photos into BuildingLink anytime via the staff’s “Quick Lookup” page (just click on the “missing photo” placeholder) or via the GEO app. And soon, we’ll be providing a seamless way for residents to “push” their preferred photos to you.

As always, you can contact us for more information at