Monday, December 1, 2014

Get Those Maintenance Requests off Your Plate . . . and into the Hands of Your Vendors!

You’ve got incoming maintenance requests – lots of them. Luckily, our latest updates now allow you to easily and completely dispatch those requests over to outside vendors – no phone call, fax, or email needed! Because you’ve got better things to do than be on the phone all day with vendors and outside contractors.

Best of all, creating and sending a vendor work order can be done in three easy steps:
1.   Select a vendor to handle the request.

2.   Attach photos or documents to detail the request.

3.   Send the request.

It’s that easy!

The amount of information your vendor will receive is completely up to you. Provide special vendor instructions. Attach terms and conditions documents. No matter what you need to say, will help you communicate it. Because we’ve given you plenty of options to ensure that these new features are tailorable to your company’s preferred way of assigning work to vendors.  So don’t delay  - today is a great day to start using our new vendor communications and work order functionality to get those maintenance requests off your plate!

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