Friday, July 25, 2014

New Resident "Convenient Payments" Module: Dream it ... and Make it Happen!

What would you do if you had an easy way to collect various convenience payments from your residents?

Would you use it for ordinary purposes like amenity fees, maintenance charges, and parking pass sales? Or would you get creative? Maybe it’s time to start providing convenience items at your front desk – tennis balls, newspapers, beach towels – you name it! Our new Payments module gives you the means to easily collect payments from your residents. What you do with that capability – that’s entirely up to you. (Creativity encouraged, of course!)

It works the way you need it to – seamlessly. Through our partner, Stripe, you can set up your own credit card merchant account that links directly to your existing bank account – all within five minutes. Now you’re ready to accept resident payments in whatever way you’d like: allow them to pay charges online, or have a staff member swipe their card. Customizable options for taxes, convenience fees, and special instruction fields ensure that you’re charging your residents exactly what they owe and not a penny more – or less. Dollars have never made more sense!

Want to give it a shot? Take a look at our
Payments help page, or contact BuildingLink Support to get started.

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