Monday, December 1, 2014

Amenity Reservations – Now MOBILE – and Better Than Ever!

The recently updated Resident App gives residents a new option: Amenity Reservations.  Now, no matter where they are, residents will have the convenience of reserving property amenities, directly from their mobile device, with just a few touches.

But that’s not all, folks!  To make your residents (and you!) even happier, we’ve also released a whole new set of options to help you customize the availability of your amenities down to a “set it and forget it” level of precision.  With the ability to set different availability hours for each day of the week, specify blackout periods,  set maximum durations, or designate overnight/guest suite rules, we’ve aimed for a reservation requests process so streamlined, it basically works by itself!

Faster access to amenity availability and more flexible rules translate into a better experience for all.  With a reservations module that runs by itself, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of time you’ll save your residents (and yourself)!

Get Those Maintenance Requests off Your Plate . . . and into the Hands of Your Vendors!

You’ve got incoming maintenance requests – lots of them. Luckily, our latest updates now allow you to easily and completely dispatch those requests over to outside vendors – no phone call, fax, or email needed! Because you’ve got better things to do than be on the phone all day with vendors and outside contractors.

Best of all, creating and sending a vendor work order can be done in three easy steps:
1.   Select a vendor to handle the request.

2.   Attach photos or documents to detail the request.

3.   Send the request.

It’s that easy!

The amount of information your vendor will receive is completely up to you. Provide special vendor instructions. Attach terms and conditions documents. No matter what you need to say, will help you communicate it. Because we’ve given you plenty of options to ensure that these new features are tailorable to your company’s preferred way of assigning work to vendors.  So don’t delay  - today is a great day to start using our new vendor communications and work order functionality to get those maintenance requests off your plate!

Shine a Light on your Energy Consumption Patterns – We Have! And it’s Awesome!

You may remember   -  the energy startup that we mentioned in our Earth Day newsletter.  Enertiv’s solution  provides real-time transparency and feedback on energy usage and efficiency.  Their Energy Dashboard helps identify where money is being lost and also provides specific recommendations on savings and increasing sustainability. That sounded pretty good to us – so we got their system installed in our office!  And the transparency and accountability  is really a game-changer!   The Energy Dashboard gives us a real-time view not only of our own patterns and habits (good and bad), but also provides a great way to capture baseline data and to conduct A/B testing on some of the ideas our energy consultants are recommending, to see if they walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  If you are in the neighborhood, please stop in and ask to see our Energy Dashboard  in action!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Did You Know: When it Comes to Expanding, The Big Bang’s Got Nothing On Us!

What do BuildingLink and The Big Bang have in common? Expanding universes!  This month, we’ve expanded to places the universe hasn’t even gotten to yet.  Been to Mauritius recently?  We have, thanks to a new client there who needed training.  Istanbul?  Panama?  Singapore?  Yup!  Who would have thought the best way to travel the world would be as a member of the BuildingLink Support and Training team?  Even though our customized on-site set-up and training sessions are strictly for our customers’ benefit, we are not above dropping a few hints.  (Hey, new Montreal customers – need some help?  We’d be happy to eat croissants and drink cafĂ© au lait with you – ahem – give your staff a hands on training session at our earliest convenience!)

New "Amenity Utilization" Graphs: You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Do you suffer from too much information and not enough knowledge? Our “Analytics”section (in the Reports/Data tab) might be just the cure! Along with a plethora of specific reports and data about activity at your property, we’re excited to announce two brand new graphs all about Amenity Reservations. So if you’ve got questions like “Which amenities are most popular with my residents?” “How does amenity utilization this year compare to last year?” or “Do my residents place reservation requests from their own computers or do they prefer to call the front desk?” we’ve got your answers for you. Find those answers (and more!) on our new Amenity Utilization Levels graph (in the Resident Activity section) and our Amenity Reservations Trends graph.

Like what you see? Let’s not forget how convenient and useful some of our other reports can be. Here’s a brief run-down, just in case you haven’t ventured over to our Analytics section in a while:

Site Activity Report: A handy, at-your-fingertips list of helpful building factoids you might not have known you could access, such as how many of your residents have logged on to the resident site, which occupant profiles still need photos, or how many Bulletin Board notices were posted in the last 90 days.

Employee Activity (Front Desk and Maintenance): A comparison graph of employee activity regarding maintenance requests and Event Log entries. Stats are comparable by employee assignments, maintenance categories, work order status, and time frame.

Guest Activity by Unit: A quick and simple way to view guest activity by unit as well as what types of visitors each unit receives in any given time frame.

Our Analytics module is always evolving, so keep an eye out for even more new graphs in the future! And remember, all of the graphs in our Reports/Data module can always be exported to Excel or PDF – so analyze away!

New Resident "Convenient Payments" Module: Dream it ... and Make it Happen!

What would you do if you had an easy way to collect various convenience payments from your residents?

Would you use it for ordinary purposes like amenity fees, maintenance charges, and parking pass sales? Or would you get creative? Maybe it’s time to start providing convenience items at your front desk – tennis balls, newspapers, beach towels – you name it! Our new Payments module gives you the means to easily collect payments from your residents. What you do with that capability – that’s entirely up to you. (Creativity encouraged, of course!)

It works the way you need it to – seamlessly. Through our partner, Stripe, you can set up your own credit card merchant account that links directly to your existing bank account – all within five minutes. Now you’re ready to accept resident payments in whatever way you’d like: allow them to pay charges online, or have a staff member swipe their card. Customizable options for taxes, convenience fees, and special instruction fields ensure that you’re charging your residents exactly what they owe and not a penny more – or less. Dollars have never made more sense!

Want to give it a shot? Take a look at our
Payments help page, or contact BuildingLink Support to get started.

Monday, March 24, 2014

NYC Strike Preparations

If you are preparing for a possible strike by Local 32BJ service employees when the contract expires on April 20th, we’d like to help. Your BuildingLink system can be used to print out Resident ID cards, to schedule resident volunteers, or to set up temporary front desk protocols and communications procedures.
Regarding Resident IDs, you have two options. You can:
 (1)     Print temporary Resident ID cards on Avery business card stock, or
 (2)     Inquire about our Resident Passport laminated card option, for a more permanent and attractively branded solution. 
 Either option can include a resident photo, and can either be printed locally on your site, or printed by us and mailed to you. Please contact us at if you’d like to learn more.

Resident Android App – New Release (V 2.1)

Finally! For all our Android Smartphone owners who for the past year have been using our V1.1 version of our Android Resident App (and who may have been feeling a bit neglected  L  by all the new iOS releases and features we have put out), we’re here to tell you we’ve finally caught up!  Our newest Android Resident App V2.1 has it all – access to important building documents, submitting car valet requests, and more. 

Our Android app is now just as awesome as our iPhone app, and we promise to keep it that way.

So go ahead, download the new version. Our complete and utter Android app makeover includes dozens of smaller tweaks and updates as well as the big ones. And while you are checking it out, we are already at work on Version 2.2 (did someone say “repair request photos?) so stay tuned! 

Picture This: Our New Maintenance & Repairs Module (On Steroids!)

Bring on all your maintenance photos and documents! (We are ready for them)

If you need an easy way to store photos of your repair requests at different stages of progress, look no further than our new Turbocharged maintenance module.  By uploading photos and flagging their statuses (with captions like “Initial” “In Progress” or “Completed”), you can now track ALL stages of your repair requests at your building’s optimal level of detail. 
And uploading photos isn’t all – we’ve also added a “document-upload” tool!  So go ahead and upload your related purchase orders, vendor invoices, checklists, etc. in the new “Attachments” section of each repair request record. Now you and others can quickly locate all of your relevant photos and supporting documents right where you expect to find them. 
But wait, there’s more!  Every facility engineer we have spoken to has wanted a fast and reliable way to capture information and document procedures for their critical facility systems and equipment, so that it can be found quickly when needed – especially in emergencies.  So, while we were at it, we also added an “Attachments” section to the Equipment & Systems module, for photos and documents associated with your equipment and systems (boiler, elevators, air handlers, fire suppression systems, etc.)  Now you’ve got the perfect place to store those important warranties, bills of sale, manufacturer specifications – you name it – for the critical equipment and systems your building depends upon.
And we’re not stopping there. Soon, residents will be able to upload repair-request related photos from both their BuildingLink website pages and from the BuildingLink Resident Apps (iOS and Android),  and staff will be able to capture and upload maintenance photos in the field via the GEO app. Stay tuned for other potential goodies: we’re considering adding photo annotation tools for employee use (because we know you like drawing those circle and arrows – clarity, clarity, clarity!) Or maybe you’ve got another good idea you’d like to see us incorporate.  Let us know!