Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Parking Permits Are a “Walk in the Park” with Our New Module!

When it comes to parking, no two buildings operate in quite the same way.  And that’s why we built our newly-released Parking Permits module to be really “smart.”  It does the basics, of course, allowing  your property to easily print and track parking permits for resident and guest parking. But then it gets interesting! Maybe your property allocates a specific number of guest parking permits to each unit/apartment per day, week, month or year. Maybe you charge a fee for each issued permit, or perhaps there’s only a fee for printing additional permits beyond a certain number.   Maybe you have different types of permits for hourly, daily or weekend parking, with different expiration dates and different quantity limits and fees.  Whatever your parking “reality” is, we’ve got you covered.

Need customization?  The Parking Permits module gives you all the “smart” tools you need to shape your own custom Visitor Parking environment. You can create multiple Parking Permit Types and set different rules to control how each permit type operates – who can issue it, how its printed form appears, and much more! And with just a few clicks, your staff can easily see active permits, void unused permits, search permit history or track patterns of usage by unit number or permit type.  Your knowledge of who is parking where, when, and how will now be “spot on.”

Empower your residents, too!  If issuing and printing permits is a headache for your staff, you can enable residents to conveniently issue and print their own permits on demand, 24/7, right from the Resident homepage. You’ll set the constraints and allocate the number of available permits to print; they’ll hit the ‘Print’ button. Voila! Everyone’s happy.

Ready to get started? Take a look at our Parking Permits help page, or contact BuildingLink Support.