Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Authorized Computers" Settings Add a New Dimension of Security

By now you probably know that we’re obsessed with data control and security.  So this time, we’ve really pushed the boundaries.  While traditional software security provides just two dimensions—you decide who has access to what data—our new state-of-the-art security option adds a where component.  This means that in addition to dictating who can access BuildingLink and customizing what information each person will see, you now have the option to restrict BuildingLink access to specific computers and physical locations you deem “Authorized.”  Take control of your “where”!

As you would expect, our new settings let you easily set different rules for different employees.  Since BuildingLink is cloud-based, key employees can typically access building data from any computer or smartphone.  So if your maintenance staff needs to record a work order on a personal laptop, or your manager needs to send an emergency broadcast from home, no problem!  But for those employees who only need access to your BuildingLink data while they are on-site, you can easily protect your data’s privacy by restricting their logins to work only on certain computers, or even on specific iPads.

Privacy controls for cloud computing have never been more powerful or precise. Now you can harness the power of device-authorization (typically used only by banks and brokerage firms) to create the data environment that works best for you and your property.

Want to give it a shot?  Check out our Authorized Computers help page, or contact BuildingLink support to get started.