Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Parking Permits Are a “Walk in the Park” with Our New Module!

When it comes to parking, no two buildings operate in quite the same way.  And that’s why we built our newly-released Parking Permits module to be really “smart.”  It does the basics, of course, allowing  your property to easily print and track parking permits for resident and guest parking. But then it gets interesting! Maybe your property allocates a specific number of guest parking permits to each unit/apartment per day, week, month or year. Maybe you charge a fee for each issued permit, or perhaps there’s only a fee for printing additional permits beyond a certain number.   Maybe you have different types of permits for hourly, daily or weekend parking, with different expiration dates and different quantity limits and fees.  Whatever your parking “reality” is, we’ve got you covered.

Need customization?  The Parking Permits module gives you all the “smart” tools you need to shape your own custom Visitor Parking environment. You can create multiple Parking Permit Types and set different rules to control how each permit type operates – who can issue it, how its printed form appears, and much more! And with just a few clicks, your staff can easily see active permits, void unused permits, search permit history or track patterns of usage by unit number or permit type.  Your knowledge of who is parking where, when, and how will now be “spot on.”

Empower your residents, too!  If issuing and printing permits is a headache for your staff, you can enable residents to conveniently issue and print their own permits on demand, 24/7, right from the Resident homepage. You’ll set the constraints and allocate the number of available permits to print; they’ll hit the ‘Print’ button. Voila! Everyone’s happy.

Ready to get started? Take a look at our Parking Permits help page, or contact BuildingLink Support. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Authorized Computers" Settings Add a New Dimension of Security

By now you probably know that we’re obsessed with data control and security.  So this time, we’ve really pushed the boundaries.  While traditional software security provides just two dimensions—you decide who has access to what data—our new state-of-the-art security option adds a where component.  This means that in addition to dictating who can access BuildingLink and customizing what information each person will see, you now have the option to restrict BuildingLink access to specific computers and physical locations you deem “Authorized.”  Take control of your “where”!

As you would expect, our new settings let you easily set different rules for different employees.  Since BuildingLink is cloud-based, key employees can typically access building data from any computer or smartphone.  So if your maintenance staff needs to record a work order on a personal laptop, or your manager needs to send an emergency broadcast from home, no problem!  But for those employees who only need access to your BuildingLink data while they are on-site, you can easily protect your data’s privacy by restricting their logins to work only on certain computers, or even on specific iPads.

Privacy controls for cloud computing have never been more powerful or precise. Now you can harness the power of device-authorization (typically used only by banks and brokerage firms) to create the data environment that works best for you and your property.

Want to give it a shot?  Check out our Authorized Computers help page, or contact BuildingLink support to get started.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Have You Downloaded GEO 1.4?

We’re excited to announce that we have a new version of BuildingLink GEO. The popularity of the mobile BuildingLink app has pushed along some big updates. The app is faster and more responsive than ever. We’ve also updated it on the back end. We’ve reduced the amount of data that has to be downloaded during the day which means less wait time and more productivity.

If you haven’t already downloaded version 1.4 of the BuildingLink GEO app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, click
here for download instructions or simply update the app if you already have an older version.

Still don't know about GEO? FInd out what you're missing! Click here or contact BuildingLink Support.

Monday, April 29, 2013

BuildingLink introduces its brand new and highly customizable “Flex” mode with smart widgets

What began many years ago at BuildingLink as a simple mail room package notification display has recently morphed into a full-featured customizable digital-signage canvas called our “Flex” mode. Already in use by more than 100 of our 1,600+ clients, BuildingLink’s “Flex” mode helps you effortlessly achieve a more informed building community by placing the information you need, exactly where you need it. (Guess what? It’s fun to use, too!)

Drag and drop the widgets you need from our Flex Designer Ribbon

Our “Flex” option gives you a highly customizable browser-based tool, providing you with more than two dozen widgets to support the information and signage needs of your building - right at your fingertips. It is easy and fun to use – simply drag and drop the widgets you want from our Flex Designer Ribbon onto your Flex canvas. All you need to do is configure the settings for each widget (i.e. # of days data to display) and voilà – you now have a customized display you can show on any browser-based monitor, whether it’s a 40” TV screen or an iPad. (There is usually no need for a hardware change if you are currently using the older version of our Public Display screen.)

Choose your own content. Tweak your own design.

BuildingLink gives you the option to choose from more than two dozen different widgets including Event Log and Packages, Scrolling Announcements, Building Calendar, Amenity Reservations, Announcements, Local Events, Weather Forecasts and more. Choose from eight different styles of Clock faces, or make a "green" statement by dropping in a local Transit widget showing train or bus schedules for the station nearest you (currently available in 6 regions). Take a few more seconds to perfect your Flex display by choosing a background color and design that matches the décor of your building. You can change the design as often as you like for a refreshed look your residents will enjoy. You can also configure as many different Flex displays as you wish, showing different content for different areas of your property as relevant. Use your imagination!

No more questions

Keep your staff sane and your residents well-informed by placing a public display in the lobby, mail room, fitness center or entranceways. Unless there’s an electricity outage, you’ll never get a question about announcements and events, package deliveries, amenity reservations, the weather or even what time it is, ever again.

Contact our support team to have us “turn on” your Flex mode display option today.
Email or call 1 (877) 501 7117.

PRODUCT UPDATE: BuildingLink’s Resident App now provides access to your building documents and to your parking garage

Our recently released Version 2.1 update to our tremendously popular and free BuildingLink Resident App has already been downloaded by over 41,000 residents. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, our updated app is now equipped with a Car Valet module and also gives residents access to all the building forms and documents posted to the website, right from the palm of their hand.

New Access to Library Documents – Via the new App Version 2.1, residents can now enjoy quick and secure access to all the information, documents, forms and notices that management has uploaded to their property’s online BuildingLink Library. Whether looking for house rules and regulations, building directories, lists of local vendors or facility use instructions, all uploaded information is conveniently and securely placed at their fingertips. (And it is reassuring to know that all user security and viewing permissions rules from the website are strictly enforced by the Resident App.)

Alert your Garage or Car Valet - If there’s a garage or car valet service operating in your building, residents can now simply tap the Valet icon on their Resident App to transmit a “Get My Car” request to their garage or front desk staff, so your car will be waiting for you, instead of you waiting for your car. (Can also be used together with the special BuildingLink “Garage Console” alerting display.)

Here are some of our customer reviews:

“Great tool to keep in touch with our buildings communications. Easy to use.”
“App works very well communicating with the building and its staff.”
“Made everything related to my building a breeze.”
“Great application! Checking for packages and submitting work orders are great features!”

The Resident App version 2.1 is available to download from the App Store.