Friday, November 9, 2012

PRODUCT UPDATE: GEO version 1.3 for managers and staff

More than 900 GEO users have already downloaded version 1.3 for managers and staff, so if you know someone who’s looking for an upgrade, do them a favor and tell them version 1.3 has arrived.

We've included a functionality which a number of clients have been waiting for; the ability to assign maintenance requests to specific employees only, and the option of choosing to view and work with requests for one or more specific employee(s).

And because we had some extra time on our hands, we also added “employee photos” to the GEO screen. This means you can now see the employee that you are assigning the work order to. Perhaps this will help you remember who’s best suited for a certain task? Or it’ll remind you that you’re better off doing it yourself... Either way, figured we’d throw that in there just for fun.

GEO version 1.3 is available to download from the App Store.

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