Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Press release: BuildingLink Awarded U.S. Patent for Its Innovative Real Estate Management Software

NEW YORK, October 10, 2012 --, LLC announced today that the United States Patent & Trademark Office has granted the company U.S. Patent No. 8,271,321 covering important features of its industry-leading software platform. The patent was issued on September 18, 2012.

The issued patent, entitled “Apparatus and Method for Providing Building Management Information,” includes features that are related to the following:

- Front desk instructions
- Permissions to give access to a unit
- Key-holding information
- Service requests, electronic libraries of documents, notifications, public displays, and/or data input by tenants.

The patent confers exclusive rights to BuildingLink for its unique techniques in providing collaborative real estate management systems and methods.

“While BuildingLink has been known in the industry as a leading innovator of building management solutions for more than a decade, it is still nice to get the official credit for our inventions,” said Jerry Kestenbaum, BuildingLink’s CEO and founder. “This ‘321 patent, whose filing dates back to June 2000, is recognition of some of the pioneering innovations that have been integral to our company since its founding.”

“We have had several inquiries this past week from other solutions providers in this space regarding possible licensing options,” said Rina Furst, in-house counsel for BuildingLink. “We are encouraging all parties to learn more about our patent and to speak with us.”

BuildingLink has other pending patent applications, such as those directed to package custody management and service request management, with the same effective filing date as the ’321 patent.

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About, LLC., LLC is the gold standard choice for property managers looking to upgrade the total experience of managing, working at, or living in their luxury residential properties. The company’s innovative web-based platform is currently used in over 1,400 properties in the U.S. and worldwide, offering the ultimate in efficient management, flawless communication, and enhanced living experience for their residents. BuildingLink clients can be found near and far—whether in New York, Boston, Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, or in Toronto, Melbourne, Tokyo, Singapore and elsewhere. More information is available at

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