Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NEW MODULE: BuildingLink’s Employee TimeTracker puts an end to punch cards

Ever heard of biometric authentication, or the amazing Digital Persona fingerprint scanner? It sounds all fancy, but it’s the easiest and most straightforward solution to keep track of employees' times. Because trend sensitive as we are here at BuildingLink, we know that punch cards are going out of fashion. With BuildingLink’s TimeTracker, all you need is your finger. Easy!

So, how exactly do you use this clever device? BuildingLink’s TimeTracker gives you four different options:

1. “One-tap” clocking in and out.
2. Clock in and out with confirmation.
3. Clock in and out tracking breaks.
4. Clock in and out using a separate monitor.

25 managers are currently enjoying not having to ask “Where were you between 9.35 and 10.15 yesterday morning?” Why don’t you give it a try too? We know, we know - this is when you wonder: “How much does this cost?” The answer is nothing. All you have to pay for is the actual fingerprint reader. As for the rest, that comes with. Voilà!

Watch the video and let our support superstars Nikki and George show you exactly how it works.

Nikki & George Demonstrate TimeTracker from Jerry @ BuildingLink on Vimeo.

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