Wednesday, September 12, 2012

KeyLink begins third production run with nothing to improve

Two years ago, in June 2010, BuildingLink introduced KeyLink, BuildingLink’s complete electronic key security hardware/software solution designed to organize your sets of keys, prevent unauthorized access, and provide a fully-documented audit trail of all key activities.

We’re now in our third production run of this comprehensive and intuitive key solution system, and we now have 175 buildings enjoying complete key security.

Before giving the go-ahead for our third production run we sat down, put our heads together and asked ourselves: “What can we do to improve KeyLink this time?” Awkward silence followed. Baffled looks were exchanged. Heads were scratched. Walls were stared at. Blanks were drawn. Then finally, we realized: there was nothing to add that could make the product better. Whoops! We had just built it too damn well - there were no missing links. We're happy to announce that our third production run is now going full steam ahead!

While our third KeyLink generation is in the making, let’s take a look at some interesting numbers, shall we?

1 million is the number of keys removed since we first launched KeyLink.
63,224 keys were removed in July 2012.
9,579 is how many miles KeyLink travelled to be installed in Singapore.
1,344 is highest number of key slots any building has.
1000 is the number of text messages sent out on a daily basis, notifying residents that a key has been removed.
39 is the biggest order placed by one company.
13 is the number of software updates we’ve rolled out during this two-year period.
0.5 is the average number of daily calls to our support team regarding KeyLink.
Lastly, 0 is the number of security breaches reported since installing KeyLink.

You’d think making your life easier would be boring to us by now. Yeah, right. Try us. No, literally - try us. Visit our Keylink website or call 1(877) 501-7117 for more information.

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