Thursday, July 12, 2012

Must-have documents right at your fingertips with BuildingLink’s Unit Documents feature

As per your request, we’ve made the frantic search through filing cabinets a thing of the past. (But if you’d like to keep them around for their retro looks, that’s fine with us.) We’re talking about BuildingLink’s Unit Document feature - a magical place where you can find all the must-have documents you need that are relevant to a specific unit, or even occupant, in your building.

Here’s some of the magic:
  • Security: Keep all necessary documents such as copies of leases, floor plans, billing information along with general correspondence between occupants and management, safe and sound right at your fingertips.
  • Privacy: Configure settings for each type of document, and choose whether the occupants can view, edit or add documents of a specific type.
  • Notifications: Once a new document has been posted or updated, an email notification can be sent to the occupants.
  • Flexibility: Associate documents with specific occupants in the unit, the entire occupancy, or the physical unit itself.

How does it work, you wonder? Adding and posting documents using BuildingLink's Unit Document feature is very similar to the BuildingLink Library, but much more specific. If you have any questions contact us at

“The Unit Document feature is really beneficial when it comes to long-term document management for individual apartments,” says Jerry Kestenbaum, CEO of “For example, floor plans and appliance manuals can be attached to a particular unit and if ownership changes, the document will still be viewable in the file. Resident-specific documents such as waivers or correspondences are connected to a resident profile, so if that person happens to switch units, all those documents will move with them. It’s the ultimate portable electronic file cabinet.“

Instead of a whole lot of searching but none of the finding, you’re only a few clicks away from what you're looking for. Who thought, that the BuildingLink Unit Document feature - such a seemingly boring thing - could make your life so much easier?

You’re welcome.


  1. Form Posting would be an awesome addition and would solve your concerns with resident document upload. For example, in our building reserving the clubroom for more than 20 people requires a security agreement. They can reserve the clubroom just fine in BuildingLink but the paperwork still needs to be processed manually. If there was a form to document library module we could create all our forms for residents within BL, once they were submitted, we could add, change, etc but most importantly that information would automatically go into the unit/occupancy record. It would be an awesome addition to an already awesome software product.

    1. Thanks for your feedback and the kind words Jeff! Have forwarded this to tech :) Happy Monday!