Saturday, July 14, 2012

Enjoy a worry-free vacation season with BuildingLink's vacation checklist

In case you haven’t noticed, we have a thing for solutions here at BuildingLink, and we happen to be obsessed with making your life easier. BuildingLink's vacation checklist includes everything your residents need to know for a worry-free vacation season. All you need to do is copy, paste and customize our suggestions for your building. Lastly, put BuildingLink’s “Send Email” function to good use, hit submit and send out a reminder to all residents. Job done. Managers and staff: here’s to the least stressful vacation season ever!

1. Contact information
Make sure your personal contact information is up-to-date before you jet off. Add all necessary phone numbers to the BuildingLink database; the hotel where you will be staying, your beach house, a friend's house etc. Lastly, double check your emergency contacts. Maybe it’s time to take your cousin off your list? You know, the one that moved to Atlanta. Two years ago. Also make sure you have all the necessary numbers to managers and staff in your phone book. Got all the digits down? All good.

2. Bulletin board
Ideally, we’re guessing, you’d like to keep your pet(s) alive while you’re away. Well, that’s what the BuildingLink bulletin board is for (keeping pets alive)! Surely the kid in 15A wouldn’t mind earning a few extra bucks feeding your cat until you’re back in town. No teenagers around looking for some extra money? Check out Pet Park!

3. Visitor permissions
So you’re away and your cousin is coming to town for the weekend and needs a place to stay? No problem! All you need to do is put in a BuildingLink Guest Permission instruction and provide management with the information necessary: duration of stay, photo and any additional information required such as parking permits and access to amenities. Done!

4. Key tracking
Now it’s time to make sure that the front desk knows that the kid in 15A is authorized to pick up a key to your apartment. Perhaps you told your housekeeper to do a big summer clean up? Make sure management knows she has access to your apartment too.

5. Deliveries
Oh, crap. So that coffee table you ordered was inconveniently scheduled for delivery while you’re away. That’s alright. Using the BuildingLink system, you can give staff permission to access your apartment and guide the delivery company inside to drop off the table. Simple!

6. Maintenance
The south-facing wall in your bedroom took a beating when your next door neighbor had a water leak. With your busy work schedule you were reluctant to deal with any messy repairs in your sanctuary of a bedroom. That means now is the perfect time to tell maintenance to come in and replace it.

Now, about bringing the beach to the building... we’re still working on it. Hang tight!

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