Friday, June 22, 2012

Who Ya Gonna Call? - New Vendor Directory

You might not have any “Ghostbusters” on your list of building service providers, but with’s Vendor Directory, the job of reaching your vendors and contractors,accessing needed information, and automatically dispatching work orders just got easier.

In addition to storing and accessing valuable contact information, searching for specific vendors on our extensive “master list”, or simply browsing our list to see what’s there, building management can assign work orders to outside vendors with the click of their mouse--tracking them right from their desktop.

“We’ve taken the Vendor Directory beyond being a rolodex, and turned it into a tool that makes a building manager’s job easier,” says Pam Ross, a senior support and training specialist at “We’re getting a great response from managers who appreciate the ease of forwarding work orders to a company or assigning a work order to a specific person within a service company, and having a means of tracking the process of that job from start to finish.”

In addition to the management-centric Vendor Directory, contacts can also be imported into a Residents-Only “Directory of Local Businesses” which is shown to residents for their convenience in locating services relevant to their needs.

Watch for’s next innovation in the Vendor Directory module: tracking a vendor’s compliance with your building's workers compensation and insurance coverage requirements.

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