Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Front Desk Feature: Amazing Barcode Scanner Tricks!

Those of you working on the “Open Events” grid for tracking packages, etc., will have noticed a new “scan a barcode” prompt box in the upper right corner. This is a tip-off to you of some cool programming we have hidden on these screens, that makes your barcode scanner do some “heavy lifting” for you.

Here’s the “executive summary” of the new “Open Event Grid” logic.

1. If you scan a new package, box, dry-cleaning tag etc. right from the "Open Events Grid" screen, BuildingLink will say, “Hey, that’s new,” and will bring you to the “Record a New Event” page and insert the barcode for you. Also, if BuildingLink is able to figure out from the barcode which event type it is (Fedex, UPS etc.), it will even select the right event type for you.

2. If you scan an existing package, box, dry-cleaning tag etc., BuildingLink compares what you scanned against barcodes you already scanned into open events, and says to itself, “Hey, I recognize that package, box etc. and I’m going to bring up the “Close Event” screen for that package.” So, it does the job of finding the event for you!! How fast is that? How error-free is that?

Watch this video to see it in action:

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