Monday, March 26, 2012

BuildingLink Spotlight: Our Emergency Broadcast Function

We've taken out our BuildingLink spotlight a couple times already in the course of this blog, to shine it on various members of our team--thinking, speaking members like Andrew Kaplan and Fran Besdin. Now we're bringing it out again, but this time it's shining on a piece of our platform that doesn't think and speak for itself...well, actually it kind of does...

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. Emergency Broadcast Function (EBS): Well, first of all, let me just say that I function primarily to deliver important messages to people who need them--all you have to do is type what you want me to say in a box, and I'll call each of your residents with that message. So I'm a little offended about that whole "not being able to speak for myself" thing you just implied. And by the way, I also have a pretty great memory--all broadcast messages are archived so if you want me to send them again at a different time, I can.

Q: Ok, ok. I guess you are right. And you do have a very nice voice I might add--just the right amount of robotic. But tell me, how do you know which numbers to call? EBS: Why, thank you. I try. As for your question about knowing which numbers to call, the kind people at BuildingLink already have two default recipient lists, "Residents Home & Cell" and "Residents Work" set up for every building. These lists pull information from the building's BuildingLink database, so they are automatically updated whenever resident contact information in the building is updated.

Q: And what if I want to create my own recipient lists? EBS: Oh, you can, you can. You can create your recipient lists by pulling from different floors, lines, or locations, and you can also sort by type of resident (owner, subtenant). I can tell you people tend to sort by floors and lines when there is a water shutdown, or something like that. They'll tell me to call everyone on the B Line, and I'll do it!

Q: That's very kind of you--you know, I've heard that in addition to being very sweet, you also have an aggressive streak. Is this true? EBS: Well, yes. I mean, I don't think I could do my job if I weren't aggressive. These people are relying on me to deliver important messages and I need to make sure I get through to everyone on the recipient list! So I call each person up to three times, until I get a live answer, or am able to leave a voicemail without interruption.

Q: And can anyone ever check to see what happened with each call you made (whether you reached a live answer, a voicemail, etc.?) EBS: You betcha. You can run reports for every broadcast, and see EXACTLY what happened with each call--the time it was made, what kind of answer I received, even how long the call lasted.

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