Monday, February 6, 2012

Feature: Asset Manager

Maybe you already know the Asset Manager well and your building uses it extensively. More likely, you've never heard of it. But if you have rental/loaner items or storage/bike spaces, you might want to know that it's there for you!

In fact, the Asset Manager was born when we realized that properties needed to keep track of both short-term assignments (like parking or borrowed items) and long-term assignments (like appliances and storage units). We wanted to create an organizational system where properties could track all of their items in one location, and be able to "assign," "unassign," or change the assigned unit without any hassle.

And, like virtually everything else in BuildingLink, it’s customizable! We’ve provided you with asset categories that we think will be most useful to you (items that, from our experience, buildings like to track) but you can always “rename” any of the categories to keep track of whatever you’d like. You also get to decide what type of information you need to store in each category—again, we’ve given you suggested fields, but you can “rename” any of them.

Happy tracking!!

P.S. If you choose to display it, all of the information you store in the Asset manager database will also be viewable on the Resident Lookup screen!

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