Friday, January 13, 2012

Rental Market Continues to Grow

The article linked to here discusses how drastically the apartment vacancy rate is falling, great news for the rental market. As this market continues to grow, the demand for better amenities (which are often used to lure potential renters) will also grow. BuildingLink, and other technology like BuildingLink, aims to respond to this demand, and is a great way to advertise your rental property.

Even garden style communities accept packages, log maintenance requests, and have reservable amenities--and these are things that quickly become time-suckers, even when they really shouldn't be! At BuildingLink, we make these and other nitty-gritty tasks seamless and efficient--and it really shows in the quality of life that residents in BuildingLink buildings experience. In fact, a robust platform like BuildingLink is the perfect way to attract potential residents: let them know who has the "goods"-- we think they'll follow.

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