Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome to our new BuildingLink blog!

You may have come across a somewhat lame version of our blog in the past, but we are now diving back into the blogosphere with two full tanks of air – so watch out! With over 1000 buildings using BuildingLink today, and more than 50 KeyLink systems in place coast-to-coast, we may not be the same small group of pioneers you once knew. But one thing hasn’t changed: We love our customers, and we want you to know what we are up to. So let’s make a deal: Read our blog, and we will share our thoughts, news, bloopers, musings, future plans - and even a few comical anecdotes (real names will be changed to protect those involved)! Whether you are one of BuildingLink’s esteemed veterans or are brand new to us, we’ll have something fun and interesting for you. Promise. But first...

We’ve got some catching up to do!

Over the past year, our company has grown. We are now a team of around 35 people, dedicated to giving you remarkably great service – but you knew that already. BuildingLink has also relocated to a beautiful office in Downtown NYC, in one of the "hippest" areas of Manhattan. Our new (and did I mention beautiful?) location allows us to be closer to many more of our buildings here in New York and we’re only a train, plane, or bus ride away from those of you who hail from different states...or countries! (Yes, we've gone international!)

This is not your normal office – see for yourself

If you ever find yourself pondering the big questions in life, like "What makes BuildingLink work?” or “How tall is my favorite technical support person?” or “Can I borrow Jerry’s Robot?” (we’ll explain later—the robot deserves its own blog post), please VISIT US. If we can’t make your visit fun, no one can: We've got musicians, artists, writers, teachers, programmers and all sorts of talented people. We've also got gadgets aplenty--Geo, Keylink, and of course, that Robot we mentioned. So if you want answers, want to chat, or just don't feel like paying for your morning coffee, stop in anytime (85 Fifth Avenue at 16th Street) for machines, caffeine, and company!

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