Tuesday, July 5, 2011

KeyLink by BuildingLink - 2nd production run!

We are pretty excited about the arrival of our 2nd production series of our new KeyLink Systems, after having sold out our first series several weeks ago. We expected to learn a lot in our first year of operation - and we did! We have implemented a few small design changes in this 2nd series, to make our systems more easily serviceable. Here's what's new:

(1) The lever switch that determines whether a drawer is in the "opened" or "closed" position has been replaced with a button switch, which we think will eliminate the occassional need for recalibration. We are able to retrofit series #1 drawers with these switches as needed.

(2) The main cable connecting the pull-out drawer (that holds the keys) to its outer casing (that holds the power supply and PC interface) has been redesigned so that it can be completely unhooked. This allows you to separate a drawer from its case, to easily service or replace a drawer without upsetting the stack of drawers and PC that may be resting on it.

Those were the only items that needed improving on the hardware end. And as far as the software and firmware goes, we expect to continually push out regular upgrades and enhancements as they become ready, using our "Click Once" automatic update technology. (Our recently added "show all keys" function illuminates all slots with keys, and has been a big help to users trying to identify keys that were not properly inserted.)

By Jerry Kestenbaum

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