Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Buildinglink on CNBC! Or, Robots

We mentioned in our welcome post that Jerry's robot deserves its own feature, and apparently the folks at CNBC thought so, too.

Last Thursday, the Buildinglink office was host to a film crew from the network, here to shoot some video of our cutting-edge and downright adorable robot, the VGo, for a segment on telepresence solutions.

The VGo is one of our favorite things here at 85 Fifth Ave: this “robot” is a remote-controlled video conferencing device that allows the user to be present and interact in the same way that person would if he or she were in the room.

(For those of you without your own mobile robot communications center, imagine Eve from Wall-E, except taller and with Jerry Kestenbaum's face looking back at you as it follows you around the office.)

Below, check out a segment by CNBC and look for our office, see some awkward-looking employees, and meet my new best friend - telepresence solution.

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