Thursday, December 22, 2011

BuildingLink Spotlight: Andrew Kaplan

A native-new Yorker, Andrew works in the Support department, serving as Operations Quality Manager. In addition to providing customer support and training new staff, he also plays a crucial role in BuildingLink set-up and implementation for our new customers.


Q: Where are you from and why did you come to NY?

A: I spent a lot of time in Westchester, but now I live in Queens. I came to NY because, well… I was sort of born here!

Q: What was your most interesting job?

A: Working for World Wrestling Entertainment in the marketing department. When I wasn't taking phone calls from fans, I was facilitating meet-and-greets between kids and wrestlers (usually organized through the Make-A-Wish foundation). I was also security one night for a female performer during a non-televised event, at which time a married professional wrestler tried hitting on her and threatened to kill me if I didn't walk away. But I stayed… and fortunately lived to tell the tale.

Q: Just for the record, how tall are you?

A: To the unnamed wrestler (he still works there, so I’ve got to keep a lid on his identity), I probably looked about 5’0.” But I’m a wee bit taller than that. ;-)

Q: Kudos! So how long have you been at BuildingLink?

A: Three years, give or take.

Q: Most people here have a creative side. Do you? What is it?

A: I used to be a cartoonist. My last project was a one-panel ongoing comic strip, mostly making fun of pop culture. One of the most popular was a picture of Spiderman sitting by his computer reading a book entitled “Advanced Web Design.”
…I guess you just had to be there.


TV show: Burn Notice
Color: Blue
Movie: Fight Club


Q: If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

A: I'd be a snake because my bite is worse than my bark.

Q: If you had to write an autobiography, what would you title it?

A: I'm a Snake. My Bite is Worse than my Bark.

Q: What's your horoscope sign?

Attributes include earthy and stubborn. I’ll let you figure it out from there.

Q: So Taurus?

A: Shhhh...

Grand Finale

Q: Why BuildingLink? What is your favorite thing about working here?

A: It's very interesting working for a company that actually moves forward and doesn't remain stagnant. More importantly, I like working here because the people genuinely care, are a lot of fun, and even pretend to laugh at my jokes...

Q: Haha.

A: See, just like that!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Functionality We Can All Be Thankful For

Did you know...

BuildingLink automatically organizes your residents by floor and line! Water shutdown on the B line? With our "Send Email" tool, you can choose to send to "Occupants from specific floors and lines" and then select only the B line. That way, you get the right information to the right people, with only one extra click! You can also search residents by floor and line with the advanced search feature in our resident directory.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at BuildingLink!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Luxury Condos: Increased Demand, Increased Technology

Demand for luxury condos is rising, say Prashant Gopal and Katie Spencer in their Oct. 20th Bloomberg Businessweek article. And with that comes the demand for a seamless organizational system that allows both management and buyers to get their daily needs addressed (and so much more!), say all of us at BuildingLink. Using the latest technology, BuildingLink software goes hand and hand with luxury: is it any coincidence, then, that the two buildings featured in the article linked below (the Edge and 80 Metropolitan) are both BuildingLink buildings?

For more information, check out Gopal and Spencer's article Brooklyn Home Sale Jump 18% as Buyers Seek New-Condo Deals.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sustainable Industries Free Webinar on Nov. 3rd

The independent media company Sustainable Industries is hosting a free webinar entitled "Commercial Buildings: So Much Greening To Do, So Little Time." It will take place on Nov. 3rd at 1 p.m., and is aimed at property managers, among others. Since so many BuildingLink customers have already shown a committment to the green movement by adopting our paperless system, we thought this might be of interest! For more information or to register for the webinar, click here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Did You Know...

Not only can you keep track of residents, packages, keys, laundry, visitors, contractors, maintenance requests, amenity reservations...(wow the list goes on and on!)...but you can also use BuildingLink to keep track of equipment (like the items pictured on the left), generate inventory reports, and even set-up automatic alerts for when you are below the minimum quantity of lightbulbs, filters, mops, etc. Need help getting started? Give us a call and one of our support staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Favorite Things

You probably know by now that BuildingLink is vast. And by vast, we mean colossal. We're constantly adding new features, and we do our best to keep you apprised of what is going on. But since there are just so many cool things you can do with the software, it's possible there are some tools you haven't yet stumbled upon. We'd hate for you to miss out on anything--so we've gotten together a list of five of our favorite features. Some are old stand-bys and some are little-known, but all of them can be described in one word--AWESOME.

The Shift Log - Sharmi's Favorite!

Still using that big black book to jot down important notes? Is it filled with illegible scrawlings and coffee stains, faded ink and torn pages? STOP!! Go to your BuildingLink Dashboard, and click on that cute little orange bar that says "Shift Log." Here, you can transform that cumbersome log into a sharp, clean, and legible record of all the important day-to-day happenings you may want to notate. You can mark notes with a priority level, link them to specific apartments, and quickly search the entire log (nothing EVER disappears) for specific text or dates. And the best part is, everything you write is automatically name-, date-, and time-stamped (a huge time-saver!), AND you can't spill coffee on it!

The Quick Search Field - Pam's Favorite!

Absolutely. The. Best. Organizational. Tool. Ever. We're sure you've tried it, but do you use it as much as we do? Type in any unit # or name in the top left-hand corner of your screen (and we mean ANY BuildingLink screen...the quick search bar will always be there, no matter where you are in BuildingLink!), hit enter, and you'll get an "online file" of everything pertaining to that unit. This includes the basics like name, contact info, etc., but it also includes any packages or open events, instructions (like permissions to enter) that are current for that unit, any maintenance requests or amenity reservations for that unit, and any apartment-specific documents (more on this in a bit!) Any custom fields you're using to keep track of things like pets, bike tags, children, etc. will also appear here. But that's not all. Because what good is looking if you can't also take action? From this same screen, you can close/expire events and instructions, add new ones, enter maintenance requests and reservations, etc. etc. etc. etc. ETC.

Recurring Tasks - Rachael's Favorite!

Maybe your building does routine elevator maintenance every six months, or maybe someone has to check the chlorine level in the pool every week. Let's face it: these are prime stress-creators. Every six months, you've got that nagging thought, "Can't forget to call elevator maintenance company!" or "It's Thursday, I hope the pool guys remembered to come yesterday because I didn't remind them!" If your building does any type of routine maintenance, whether it's every year, every January, every third Wednesday, etc., you can enter it into BuildingLink ONCE, and set it to automatically show up in your open requests at the appropriate times. You can even set it to automatically notify the elevator maintenance company--or those forgetful pool guys--that it's time for them to come. It's easy: just click on the "Recurring Tasks" section in the Maintenance module to get started.

Unit Documents - Nikki's Favorite!

Okay, so you probably know about the BuildingLink Library, where you can store building-related documents like safety information, notices, parking guidelines, and so on and so forth. But did you know that you can also store documents in specific unit profiles or even attach them to specific occupants? This includes leasing agreements, waivers, appliance manuals, floor plans, or anything else you may want to store--you can always add new document categories in the Settings tab! If it's a floor plan or appliance manual, you can choose to "associate" it with the physical unit, so that when the ownership changes, the document will still be there. Or, if it's a waiver, you can "associate" it with a specific person, so that if that person happens to switch units, the document will move with them! You can also choose who can view these documents--whether it be only management, only staff, all staff and all owners but no renters, or everybody! Everything is completely customizable by document category--power-trip anyone?

Printing PDF Copies from the "Send Email" Feature - Esther's Favorite!

This is one of our newest features, and we're pretty excited about it. As you probably know, we got electronic communication and record keeping down to a science a long time ago, and one of our primary mottos is paperless, paperless, paperless! That said, we do recognize that not everybody has an email address--or maybe they do, but you haven't gotten around to putting all your residents' addresses into the system yet. Whatever the case, our new "Generate PDF copies" option in the "Send Email" screen allows you to print hard copies of that important email blast for those units that don't yet have email addresses--and the system automatically knows which ones those are! Just select the option to generate PDF Copies for "Units that have no Email Addresses" or "Occupants that have no Email Addresses," click Preview/Print, and you're good to go!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Buildinglink on CNBC! Or, Robots

We mentioned in our welcome post that Jerry's robot deserves its own feature, and apparently the folks at CNBC thought so, too.

Last Thursday, the Buildinglink office was host to a film crew from the network, here to shoot some video of our cutting-edge and downright adorable robot, the VGo, for a segment on telepresence solutions.

The VGo is one of our favorite things here at 85 Fifth Ave: this “robot” is a remote-controlled video conferencing device that allows the user to be present and interact in the same way that person would if he or she were in the room.

(For those of you without your own mobile robot communications center, imagine Eve from Wall-E, except taller and with Jerry Kestenbaum's face looking back at you as it follows you around the office.)

Below, check out a segment by CNBC and look for our office, see some awkward-looking employees, and meet my new best friend - telepresence solution.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Resident Passports - FAQ's about our new program!

So, we've finally "gone public" about our Resident Passports launch today, (our email newsletter goes out to over 9,000 subscribers!) and we know you will have lots of questions. This Q&A should get you going in the right direction, and you can contact us at for more answers, or to get started. (We just ask for a little patience, because with 1,000+ client buildings, we can't get to everyone immediately.)

What kind of material are the cards made of?

30-mil thickness laminated plastic printed in full color on the front, and in black and white on the back. It feels and looks great - like an upscale store credit card.

How does the Resident Passports printing work?

The printing occurs directly from the resident data that you keep in BuildingLink. We have invested nearly a year in making this technology work. It required creating a special program that can automatically pull from the BLK (that's "BuildingLink" for short) online database and translate the data into the specialized print codes that a high-end card printer requires.

So what do I need to get?

Nothing, but remember that we can only print from data in the BLK database. So if you want things like resident photos, move-in dates, lease expiration dates, or owner/sublet /board member statuses reflected on your passports, you'll need to make sure to enter or upload that info into BuildingLink.

How do I get my resident photos uploaded into my residents' BuildingLink profiles?

The easiest way is via the Quick Lookup screen, which provides a direct link to uploading a photo or capturing one with an attached web cam. Alternatively, you can capture the photo by purchasing our driver's license scanner and choosing the scan option of "extract photo only."

Is there a way to see which residents have or are missing photos?

Yes, two ways. Firstly, in the Resident Directory. Secondly, on the Site Activity report screen.

How do I go about choosing a design for my property's cards? We will be adding a picture gallery page of card styles that have already been created, to get you started, and our graphics and programming depts. will finish the design with you. Or if you prefer, you can start from scratch and implement that special design that only you have thought of.

What additional card features can be added?

We can print a unique barcode ID (usually looks nicer if printed on the back) and/or encode it into the card's magnetic stripe, so that you can utilize various BuildingLink screens to scan in or swipe the card. The most basic use would be to confirm the resident's identity and his/her status as a current resident.

Can my Passport cards work with my existing or planned access control system?

In many cases, yes, if we print them on Prox cards. In the “Prox Card” Access Control world, there are basically two different standards and two different card types that are compatible with almost all systems. The lower frequency cards are 125 Khz, and the higher frequency (Milfare) cards are 13.56Mhz. See Wikipedia - Proximity Cards .

Both of these cards are available in a blank, printable version, such that we can print your Passports right on them.If you give us more info on the card or FOB you are now using, or if you send us one, we can tell you which format your system uses. We can also print Passports onto special adhesive-backed PVC cards that can be attached to the outside of your existingcards, if you already have Prox cards deployed at your facility.

So you can have your cake and eat it too! Give out Resident Passport cards that can be used both for access control, and as beautiful, personalized picture ID cards

How do I print my property's cards?

You don't. That's the beauty of this program. We have invested in the special equipment needed to produce the Passport cards, so you don't need to bother with the expense, maintenance issues, and ribbon supplies required. We like to say, "We do the work. You take the credit."

Can I print my own cards locally?

This will eventually become an option, if you choose to purchase your own, compatible laminate card printer, though the quality won't be quite as good if you print them on the typical entry-level $2k-$4k priced printers. We will have to make some modifications to our proprietary printing software to allow it to be installed at your location. But it will eventually (sometime over the next year) become your option.

How do you know which cards to print?

We initially print a batch of cards for all residents or just for the ones you ask us to.

What about reprints of lost cards or prints of cards for new move-ins? How do you know what and when to print?

We currently have setup our proprietary to scan the BuildingLink database to see if you have flagged any residents who need reprinting, or if there are new residents who have moved in. Our current plan is to check every two weeks, and then print and mail the new cards to your property manager for distribution.

Can I also ask you to print cards for employees?


So what is the cost to us for a Resident Passport?

We think that $5 per card is a reasonable fee, to cover the expense and programming needed to create these personalized cards. This may change over time. We are currently offering BuildingLink customers the option to have us print cards for all current residents at NO CHARGE (our way of saying "thanks" for being our customer!), and to pay only for replacements of lost cards, or for new residents' cards. We are not yet sure if we can continue to provide the initial batch for free - but we will try to.

Also please note that if you want us to print your Resident Passports on ProxCards, you will need to absorb the cost of providing us with the blank Proxcards to print on. Prox Cards typically cost $3-$7 each. You can either supply them to us, or we can purchase them for you.

How does the Resident Passport interface with BuildingLink's "Advantage" program of special offers and discounts?

Some Advantage member companies and stores will want to see your Resident Passport as proof of membership. Others may not, and may take your word for it or expect you to print a special "coupon" from our website that we have created for you and them. Generally speaking, we will be encouraging our Advantage member companies to just rely upon being shown your Resident Passport. (You will be hearing more about our "Advantage" program soon.)

Can the Resident Passport program be set up so that Passports can be used on site to pay for miscellaneous facility usage or amenity services charges? Yes, but that's a discussion for a separate blog post. We're not there yet.

Can the Resident Passport program be set up as part of a resident retention program, to award loyalty points or prizes to residents?

Yes, but that too is a discussion for a separate blog post. We're not there yet.

Can the Resident Passport be used in conjunction with BuildingLink's new Geo handheld, to confirm resident identity in the "field"? Yes, either through the Geo's laser barcode scanner, or through its magnetic stripe swipe reader.

Have you thought of other helpful uses for the Resident Passport?

Yes we have (voting, signing up for exercise classes, buying newspapers from the front desk, for example). We are still thinking, and planning. If you have any interesting ideas for extending the usefulness of your Passport program, we'd love to hear from you!

Okay, I know enough already. I want in! What do I do now?

Call us at (212) 501-7117 or email us at and we'll get you started.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

KeyLink by BuildingLink - 2nd production run!

We are pretty excited about the arrival of our 2nd production series of our new KeyLink Systems, after having sold out our first series several weeks ago. We expected to learn a lot in our first year of operation - and we did! We have implemented a few small design changes in this 2nd series, to make our systems more easily serviceable. Here's what's new:

(1) The lever switch that determines whether a drawer is in the "opened" or "closed" position has been replaced with a button switch, which we think will eliminate the occassional need for recalibration. We are able to retrofit series #1 drawers with these switches as needed.

(2) The main cable connecting the pull-out drawer (that holds the keys) to its outer casing (that holds the power supply and PC interface) has been redesigned so that it can be completely unhooked. This allows you to separate a drawer from its case, to easily service or replace a drawer without upsetting the stack of drawers and PC that may be resting on it.

Those were the only items that needed improving on the hardware end. And as far as the software and firmware goes, we expect to continually push out regular upgrades and enhancements as they become ready, using our "Click Once" automatic update technology. (Our recently added "show all keys" function illuminates all slots with keys, and has been a big help to users trying to identify keys that were not properly inserted.)

By Jerry Kestenbaum

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome to our new BuildingLink blog!

You may have come across a somewhat lame version of our blog in the past, but we are now diving back into the blogosphere with two full tanks of air – so watch out! With over 1000 buildings using BuildingLink today, and more than 50 KeyLink systems in place coast-to-coast, we may not be the same small group of pioneers you once knew. But one thing hasn’t changed: We love our customers, and we want you to know what we are up to. So let’s make a deal: Read our blog, and we will share our thoughts, news, bloopers, musings, future plans - and even a few comical anecdotes (real names will be changed to protect those involved)! Whether you are one of BuildingLink’s esteemed veterans or are brand new to us, we’ll have something fun and interesting for you. Promise. But first...

We’ve got some catching up to do!

Over the past year, our company has grown. We are now a team of around 35 people, dedicated to giving you remarkably great service – but you knew that already. BuildingLink has also relocated to a beautiful office in Downtown NYC, in one of the "hippest" areas of Manhattan. Our new (and did I mention beautiful?) location allows us to be closer to many more of our buildings here in New York and we’re only a train, plane, or bus ride away from those of you who hail from different states...or countries! (Yes, we've gone international!)

This is not your normal office – see for yourself

If you ever find yourself pondering the big questions in life, like "What makes BuildingLink work?” or “How tall is my favorite technical support person?” or “Can I borrow Jerry’s Robot?” (we’ll explain later—the robot deserves its own blog post), please VISIT US. If we can’t make your visit fun, no one can: We've got musicians, artists, writers, teachers, programmers and all sorts of talented people. We've also got gadgets aplenty--Geo, Keylink, and of course, that Robot we mentioned. So if you want answers, want to chat, or just don't feel like paying for your morning coffee, stop in anytime (85 Fifth Avenue at 16th Street) for machines, caffeine, and company!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Free Luxury Units? Google it! [NOTE: This was our April Fool's Post!! We'll let you know if it actually happens!]

Google Inc. (GOOG) announced today that it has reached an agreement to acquire 6 Class A rental properties in New York and Boston. The acquisitions will make Google the owner of over 2,100 luxury units.

"It's always been our mission to take on existing industries and turn them upside down," said David Radcliffe, Google's vice president of real estate. "Housing is the number one expense for many Americans. Our motto is "Don't be evil." So we're renting these units out at no charge. Yes, for free." Wait, what?!

Google plans to provide free housing for residents in this pilot program. Residents will receive top of the line amenities, like Google employees are used to. Volleyball courts, massage breaks, and free gourmet lunches, to name a few. They've also partnered with to give residents the best digital experience, and keep administrative costs down. Like most Google initiatives, there is no immediate plan to charge users for this housing service.

Instead, Google will support the program through the use of advertising. "We've done extensive research, and one area where users would like to see more advertising is in the home," explains Radcliffe. "When browsing the web at work, or checking email on your Android phone, you get highly context-sensitive, useful sponsored results that help you find what you are looking for. Why should it be any different at home?" Plans include special deals on food that light up in the back of refrigerators. "Our aim is to provide helpful information. The most relevant time to know about food specials is when you're looking at the back of your empty fridge," spits Radcliffe.

And don't be afraid that these will be generic ads. Cameras installed in showers and other places throughout the apartments will help Google target the results specifically to your needs, so they can pop up a message from Schick when they see you're due for a shave. Given recent scandals involving Google and privacy, Radcliffe tries to head off any concerns. "The footage from these cameras will not be seen by any human eyes. It will be processed only by automated computer systems. And for any footage of residents in the shower or elsewhere that we share with advertisers, we will first have blur the faces out so no images can be tracked back to individuals." Still, initial reactions are tepid. It remains to be seen how successful this pilot program will be. If the demand is very high, Google will likely expand the program, and eventually hopes to own over 50% of the country's residential real estate. "We believe that the United States will look back on April 1, 2011 as the start of a new era for the American Dream."

Just please don't try to place any ads in our dreams next, OK?

Monday, March 7, 2011

It's What [They] Said: V 2.0

Our development team, led by BuildingLink President & CEO, is constantly looking at ways to enhance the BuildingLink platform. They consider every suggestion that comes their way and look at the possibilities to continue to improve BuildingLink.

The result?'s a little bit of an embarassment of riches: our customers love us. But what that really says is that we listen to our customers. We are able to post so many positive comments because we really listen to ALL of our customers comments.

Here's some of our most recent favorites:

“Great Website. It's been long in coming--I am delighted.”
Mary Snider, Resident
Edgewater Beach, Chicago, IL

“This site seems very comfortable to visit....”
Ed Williams, Resident
21 Turtle Creek, Dallas, TX

“Great communication tool, it really helps run our building efficiently.”
Adam Nichols, On Site Manager
The VUE at Lake Eola, Orlando, FL

“Good Job on website....looking forward to using it...Kudos to the manager. I like seeing the pictures of the staff. It makes it more personable.”
Greta Marcella Cobb, Resident
The Georgian, Washington D.C.

“Hi my name is John Grady I am a building superintendent I find Buildinglink great for keeping track of what is going on in my building. I recently got a new I phone and it let's me login and I can check work orders while on the go.”
John Grady, On Site Manager
Croydon, New York, NY

“I think this is a great idea…. The package management system is excellent. Thanks.”
Ashaki Taha, Resident
Classic Condominium, Stamford, CT

“Ronni and I moved here in August and love it! This Building Link is a great tool for building community and sharing information. Great job! Thanks again -- your hard work on this project is appreciated.”
Martin Kleinman, Resident
Skyview on the Hudson, New York, NY

“It's nice to be able to have everything pertaining to the apartment complex within one convenient location.”
Georgette Collins, Resident
Chancery Village at the Park, Cary, NC

“This is a fabulous set of tools, so congratulations to the team that put this together!!”
Jeff Kirby, Resident
Belara at Lakeland, Auburn, WA

“I have to say that I love this system. We have recently purchased Key Link in my building and I absolutely love the idea that Building Link and Key Link are 2 systems in 1 system.”
Enver Ramushi, On Site Manager
Lexington Lofts, New York, NY

“I love this website. Thanks so much. It is super convenient to alert you to visits from our family and friends, etc.”
Rebecca Sinkler, Resident
The Rittenhouse Savoy, Philadelphia, PA

“Hello, I am currently a front desk agent at Adellco and Archstone management and I would tell you guys how much I appreciate Buildinglink's services and constant upgrade and improvements. I especially love the new shift log that was implemented a few months back.”
William Orth, Staff Member
Archstone Midtown West, New York, NY

“This is great. Have seen other apartment pages in pa,t but this one is the best I have seen.”
Harold Vreeland, Resident
North Tract Lofts, Arlington, VA

“We believe this is a wonderful vehicle that brings The Electchester Cooperators into the 21st Century. In view of the fact that we no longer have building meetings, our expectations are that the Cooperators will be able to be kept informed of happenings within our community. In our opinion, whoever was responsible for creating the website did a fantastic job.”
Paul & Edris Kapchan, Resident
The Electchester CoOp, Queens, NY

“Your Entire Staff Does A WONDERFUL Job keeping BuildingLink on the cutting edge of Technology ~ The Text Message Feature Is Just The Latest Thing We Are Raving About In Our Office. Thank You & Keep Up The Excellent Service...”
D. Bethea, On Site Manager
300 Central Park West, New York, NY

“Building Link is a great product! We at Warner Cable Consultants Wanted to Let you know that. We installed a lot of your System Connectivity in the New York Area.”
Arnold Moody, Outside Service Provider
Warner Cable consultants, New York, NY

“Your BuildingLink Website just made my life a lot easier. Thank you.”
Sandra Fairman, Resident
The Laurel, New York, NY

“Wish to express my satisfaction with the BuildingLink application. System is very easy to use, reliable and efficient. Great tool to be in touch with what's going on with the apartment and building.”
Dat Luong, Resident
The Riverhouse, Boston, MA

I like this so much. I now live out of town, this service is quite helpful to understand the problem that occurred in the units.”
Ann Coffee, Resident
21 Turtle Creek, Dallas, TX

“This is just the best idea I have seen! Who ever had this idea, and who ever put this together, did a top notch job! Bravo!”
Tom McCue, Resident
The Mayfair, Atlanta, GA

“I love the Pet Park feature. I don't have my little one anymore, but I love knowing about the other little occupants of our Community.”
Doris Wong, Resident
Lionsgate at Woodmont Corner Condominium, Bethesda, MD

“Website looks great and very comprehensive. Thanks for preloading our information and making it easy to get started using. Let us know if we aren't using this to its maximum!”
Jackie Thompson, Resident
North Bank Condos, Columbus, OH

“Surprisingly an amazing way to communicate with the buildings' staff, management and neighbors. The site is intuitive and very easy to navigate. My compliment to Douglas Elliman Property Management.”
Dr. Benjamin Gibli, Board Member
100 W 58th St, New York, NY It's what they said, but we want to here what YOU say. Have something to share?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ode to Residential Property Management Software

We LOVE what we do. (Yeah, we're that sensitive.) Perhaps passion and web-based platforms don't seem like an ideal mix, but in honor of Valentine's day, we're showing our emotional side.

We came across a very engaging poetry blog - complete with a section on technology! Check it out here.
So since it is Valentines Day (and also in honor of our farthest customer in Tokyo!), we submit a few BuildingLink Haiku poems:

Innovative tool

Changing buildings' daily lives

Powerful, seamless.

Tracking everything

Every minute of ev'ry day

Different way to think.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Still Keyed-Up about KeyLink

We're almost sold out of our first production run of KeyLink by BuildingLink. What does that mean?

It means that we're already busy working on second production run, but like everything else we do, we are already developing improvements to make things work that much better. Take for example our re-designed dashboard for KeyLink:

It's just another example of how committed we are to always improving upon a product that people rely on. Interested in learning more about KeyLink? Click here.
Take a look at our demo, product specifications--there's even a pricing calculator! You can check out our farthest install to date or how how many systems are in operation in various buildings across the country.
And yes, there's still a waiting list.