Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Build a "name" that brands your building

Frank Lovece's recent article What's in a Name? from recent edition of Habitat aptly describes the importance of a building's name and how it could increase prestige and sales. It is much more than just a name for a legal entity or a location, it's all about branding.

Names like 130 West 15th, 287 Peachtreee Circle or 123 Pennsylvania Drive are tossing their LLC addresses for a name, an image, that really is going to showcase a property's unique identiy.

Software platforms that are functional, like BuildingLink have the opportunity to not only enhance efficiency, but also increase each specific property's brand. BuildingLink creates a unique, building web address for each and every one of our clients who rely on our tools. We even create a specific look and feel with our high-definition log-in page--so each building becomes the focal point. (See picture below)

As properties continue to shift to "branded" building names, rather than simply their address--BuildingLink will continue to serve as another viable way to enhance that branding.

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