Thursday, September 2, 2010

A “Shift” in the Way Buildings Document Incidents

In their efforts to best serve their residents, one of the more inconvenient challenges that many building staff members face is maintaining an organized system to document and track incidence reports that occur in a building over the course of an average work day.

In response to this common dilemma, a relatively new feature has been picking up quite a bit of steam among Front Desk staff, property and resident managers.

Known simply as the “Shift Log,” and easily accessible from the right hand margin of the very first screen that loads when building employees log in, this new functionality offers users the ability to quickly and efficiently note incident details that occur during a shift and which would have otherwise been placed in a more cumbersome and far less accessible paper logbook.

Shift Log notes can be related to specific units, and can be entered as “normal” or “high priority”. The Shift Log also allows building managers to receive daily e-mails detailing every entry that is documented in the Log.

Eliminating the messy paper trail, and enabling an easy search through the module's entire history, the Shift Log seems poised to assist building staff in many new and exciting ways.

We encourage our customers to click on the Shift Log and let it help you in any way that fits the specific needs of your building!

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