Monday, August 23, 2010

Innovative Companies Need Innovative Solutions for Customer Support

Having trouble with your computer and can't wait for (or afford) a technician to come in person and investigate? Fear not! Many of our customers are finding not only a surprisingly easy and unique solution, but one that is exceptionally innovative as well.

For those situations in which Front Desk staff need assistance to maintain their computers for BuildingLink use, a new trend of using online technical support tools such as, at no additional cost to buildings or residents, has emerged.

For example, when buildings have purchased new computers and need to reinstall necessary software, users are able to call into our support department, direct their browsers to, and attend to their regular duties while BuildingLink staff work diligently on their computers from a remote location.

Whether it's something simple like an adjustment on browser settings, or something a little more complicated such as downloading software for peripheral devices, building staff need only to type in the URL and everything else is covered by us!

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