Thursday, April 1, 2010

BuildingLink Launches Innovative DIY Functionality

BuildingLink customers are among the best managed buildings in the world. And with BuildingLink, nothing slips through the cracks.

So it has come as a surprise that many residents have begun to complain. "You've spoiled my husband," says resident Samantha Parson. "Every maintenance request he enters gets taken care of within 24 hours. Now he expects ME to do the same!"

After hearing many similar complaints, we have decided to do something about it...

Today we are introducing a new feature to our Maintenance module - the "Do-it-yourself Button." With the "DIY Button," managers can now select any maintenance request they like, and instead of taking care of it, with one click they can instruct residents to "do it yourself."

The "DIY Button" is already a hit with residents and managers alike. Mike, superintendent at Waterstreet Towers, says, "This is great! Just imagine the possibilities! 'Mike, can you clear out the garbage piling up in the hallway?' -'Do it yourself!' Today marks a new beginning in the world of property management. Thank you BuildingLink!"

For more time-saving tips, visit and give us a call! Unless it is after April 1st, because the functionality probably won't work then.

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