Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Key Security is the Key to Security

The marketing department in real estate (rentals or condos) often has to grasp at straws when developing a campaign to lease-up or sell. If you glance over your real estate section in the newspaper (do people read those anymore?) or surf for what the markets like online, you’ll be bombarded with marketed reasons on why you should live HERE. One of the biggest rationales-turned-amenities is: security.

It was even the topic of discussion last month at CITI PROPERTY, a blog informing readers on buying city property around the world. And let’s face it: if you decide to live in an urban residence, security is on the top of your list. Yet does just having “security” on a building’s list of priorities enough?

The real answer to this question lies at the front desk: who do they allow in the building, and more importantly, who do they allow into your residence.

I’ve seen the range in security options for a building: from key fobs, to Key Track, to a locked box at the front desk, to a drawer in the property manager’s office. Key security systems can sometimes be extremely complicated and expensive—but a good one doesn’t have to be. Look at KeyLink by BuildingLink.

Drawing on years and years of innovation in this very field, BuildingLink.com designed a smart, comprehensive key-security system by listening to the very people who were tired of antiquated or inefficient ways of doing things.

It’s 2010. There’s a different way of doing things.

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