Friday, January 8, 2010

Frozen Pipes & Frozen Pipelines

As it keeps getting colder, and colder, and colder...condominium and apartment buildings grow wary of dealing with issues of frozen pipes. Take for example this most recent posting in Ocean City's The Dispatch.
Living in the Northeast and other snowy or cold areas, most property managers are accustomed to dealing with a building's frozen pipes.

However, all too often the pipes aren't the only thing that are frozen in this kind of emergency: property managers might also feel stuck as to how to act quickly and effeciently in times of crisis.

I've personally visited buildings in times of distress and I've seen property managers, front desk staff, housekeepers, and anyone else they can find to search this clipboard, log lists, databases and manually call or contact residents as to the state of a frozen pipe situation. Or perhaps you live in a building when you have seen staff racing up and down elevetors on all 22 floors, trying desperately to shove pieces of paper under each door--before the 6 o'clock rush of people flooding in through the door.

Save time, some money and save yourself from irrate shareholders of tenants. BuildingLink offers a very simple solution to "thaw out" a manager in times of frozen crisis: the Emergency Broadcast module as part of's comprehensive residential management platform.

With the emergency broadcast module you can easily record your voice or simply use your web browser to type in the text of your message. The Emergency Broadcast will be sent to every phone number in the database or only the phone numbers you select. Your emergency message text will convert into speech for the resident and you will be able to receive detailed to results of every single number dialed, who answered live, when a voicemail was left, or when a message did not reach the resident. A task that could often take hours, can now easily be handled by a property manager on their laptop in their living room.

Now that cold weather is becoming an issue for buildings this time of year, consider giving your building the hottest technology tools around, and ultimately be able to streamline communication in your building.

Your pipe's might be frozen, but your communication pipe-line will be running smooth all year long.

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