Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Communication Gap

Some recent news in the property management "software solutions world," seems to highlight what is so often missing in solutions to the day-to-day operations and communications of a building--communication. And that's the trouble. Since communication is one of those buzz words we hear all too often, it is also one of those issues we can easily gloss over.

At, a recent shift in the corporate structure of a "property management" company, highlights this industry's communication gap.

Much of this is because communication is a hard concept to wrap your head (let alone programming code) around. The microcosm of each and every building is so very different and there are literally thousands of variables in each building. Not that surprising then, is an industry that is able to focus its technology on the easily quantifiable--numbers.

Of course is in this business, the dollar is always the bottom line. Yet while management companies and buildings seek to save their dollars, keep their residents happy (and leasing) and modernize their community to be a leaner, greener 2010 that can help close the communication gap is often forgotten.

The good news is that closing that gap may be easier than one might think. Technology exist that can now adapt to hundreds and hundreds of people, situations, management companies and buildings. Utilizing a web-based, residential management platform can often modernize a building easier than putting in solar panel lighting. And more importantly, it can end up refining a working building by streamlining the way a building operates.

While accounting software will always be necessary...the bottom line will soon include not just eliminating the gap between the red and the black, but also the gap in communication.

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