Friday, December 4, 2009

To Twitter or Not To Twitter?

When it comes to resident communication, the day-to-day communication, to "tweet" or not to "tweet" becomes an even more important question.

There is no question that online, social media and automatic notifications are becoming essential in the apartment, condo and multi-family housing community. In fact, no matter what industry publication you read, there is always a little section on social media usage by residents and management. In fact, the November 2009 issue of units runs a short piece in their Manager Insider section: Earning Resident Loyalty Through Twitter.

The article primarily suggests to use Twitter to broadcast important, urgent announcements. While the piece is informative, and no doubt brings up solutions not often considered by management companies, it still raises questions of practicality and effectiveness. Will residents actually sign up for twitter? Will they set their options to follow your property? Is there a better way?

Well, the answer is, yes. Automatic notifications are wonderful, but in the multi-family housing industry, they go way beyond mere broadcast notifications. Innovative software can host a multitude of automatic notifications ranging from new documents for residents to access online, package or pickup delivery notifications, key control, updated status for repair requests, floor or line specific email notifications and much more. is the leader of this technology and they created a very smart, functional and user-friendly platform that is essentially a database. Within minutes, and often seconds, residents and managers can communicate like never before. Resident loyalty is equivalent to resident satisfaction and a community powered by BuildingLink can accommodate and exceed residents' needs and expectations.

When it comes to discussing the weather, the ball game, or what you are doing right now, Twitter. When it comes to the day-to-day operations of community, get connected with BuildingLink.

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