Friday, August 21, 2009

Property Management Software: Linking the Manager, Staff and Resident

Whether you are a new full-amenity condo, a traditional co-op, or a modern and busy rental building, you'll probably want to invest in operations management software. Not to be confused with an accounting package, online rent payment processor, or leasing software; operations management software enables a unique link between the daily operations of your staff and the residents of the community.

For example in BuildingLink, the platform's web-based system enables management and staff to run the daily on-site operations in an integrated and efficient manner like never before. A smart database, housing an unlimited amount of your community's desired data, BuildingLink will provide all users - both staff and residents - with an easy, logical and enjoyable interface. The online tools will handle all day-to-day communication, record-keeping, and task tracking needs.

Utilizing a host of customizeable automatic notifications, BuildingLink can keep everyone in a building on the same page like never before. Instead of phone tag, email chains and misplaced sticky notes, operational management software like BuildingLink, eliminates extra time spent, miscommunication, and inefficiency because the BuildingLink system is so flexible--it can be configured and customized for any community.

While accounting software and leasing software are essential to this industry, they can't replace this new kind of technology: devoted to the operations of a community. Feel free to contact the innovators of this web-based tool, now used in over 800 buildings worldwide. Contact BuildingLink.

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